Ohio’s GOP Senate Candidate – State Treasurer by Day; Telz Yeshiva at Night


josh-mandel1Guess who is the front runner for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination in Ohio? It’s Josh Mandel, a 34 year old Marine who is the Treasurer of the State of Ohio. In spare time the Iraq war veteran studies with a chavrusa in Telz Yeshiva in Cleveland. He and his wife – a graduate of Cleveland Hebrew Academy – run their household under kashres standards.

In a wide-ranging, exclusive interview with GestetnerUpdates.Com, Mr. Mandel laid out in clear terms his attack plans against the “D.C. Politician” U.S. Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, under whose watch – Josh points out – the important swing state of Ohio lost hundreds of thousands of jobs. Brown is in Washington for two decades, and if he knew what he was doing, explains the young Mandel, the country and the state of Ohio would look differently.

Mr. Mandel took Senator Brown to the shack over the economy and also on – as Mandel puts it – Brown’s
unwillingness to join lawmakers in bipartisan efforts to support Israel.

Only 1.3% of the 11.5 million people in Ohio are Jewish, but in a swing state where elections can be decided by a few hundred votes, Mandel hopes to reach into the Jewish Community for support through focusing on Jobs, economy and Israel.

Mr. Mandel is confident he will win the GOP U.S. Senate Primary in March, but he admits that the defeat of “Issue 2″ (the law limiting unions) will be used by Democrats to rally their troops. On the other hand however, Mandel believes the record of the “D.C. Politician” combined with the ability to run against the Individual Mandate pushed for in ObamaCare which was voted down by 66% of the vote in a non-binding referendum, will make it tough for the Democrats to hold the seat.

While Brown won the seat with 56% of the vote last time around, Real Clear Politics rates the seat as only “Lean Democratic.”

{Gestetner Updates/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The first candidate to be endorsed by Demint is Mandel. That’s a HUGE deal. Demint only endorses the best! Not to mention being the first to merit his endorsement.

  2. Kiddush HaShem, big time. Must I add that he is college educated a
    The Yetzer Hora can be subsumed (that means kept in check, kept down, etc.) even working in the goyishe velt.


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