Officials Remain Largely Clueless in Search for Aharon Sofer


aharon-sofer4The search for Aharon Sofer continues, but unfortunately there is still not information pointing to where Aharon might be.

Shlomo Menashe Sofer, Aharo’s cousin, remarked that at the present time, officials in Yerushalayim “feel that they are clueless” about Aharon’s whereabouts.

While, he might be outside of the city, the possibility of him still being in Yerushalayim is not being ruled out.

Sofer added that officials and police personnel have commented that never before have they expended such time and effort “searching one area without finding a single thread or clue.”

As a result, at this point, there is no basis for the suspicions that have been raised.

“It is all conjecture,” said one person who took part in the search this week.

Hundreds of people, most yeshiva bochurim, as well as members of Zaka and Ichud Hatzolah, with the help of trained dogs, horses and helicopters, have continued the search, which started at the Yerushalayim Forest where Aharon first went missing.

All are asked to keep davening for Aharon ben Chulda.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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