Officials Investigating Possible Measles Case in Lakewood Thanks to Anti-Vaxxers


Lakewood, NJ, pediatrician Dr. Reuven Shanik said that a case of measles was reported today in Lakewood and that people should make sure their children are up to date with their vaccines.

Reports of a patient who broke out with a rash on his body after returning from a trip overseas. Ocean county health officials are currently investigating for a possible case of measles.

Chemed released the following statement:

“CHEMED would like to make the community aware of a suspected case of measles in Ocean County and confirmed cases of pertussis and varicella,” CHEMED said. “Symptoms of measles include fever, coughing and a rash that usually starts on the face.”

The health facility added, “There is a very real danger for those who are not immunized such as infants and those who are immuno-compromised who may come in contact with an infected person. A non-immunized pregnant women could result in exposure to the fetus. CHEMED would like to remind everyone of the vital importance of being up to date with immunizations to protect you and our community.” (Hefker Velt)



  1. 30 years ago our reaction would have been:
    So, a new kid got the chickenpox/measles! He’ll get a few days off from school. Congratulations!
    Today, the world is over BECAUSE WE HAVE A VACCINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. חייך קודמים לחיי חברך “Chayecha Kodmim” – your life takes precedence over his life. You’re not obligated to risk YOUR child’s life with vaccination that have proven to have side effects. Period!

  3. This article title is trying to rev up HATE amongst klal yisroel!

    He was vaccinated, why blame the anti’s. Use a different case for your agenda.

    Whether people are right or wrong, its definitely wrong to create machlokes (which kills young & old)

  4. Rubella and varicella are a very serious threat to pregnancies. Symptoms are not necessarily obvious and can be confused with the flu. Please if you have any reason to believe you or your kids were expòosed, stay at home and take the day off, especially if you were not vaccinated, but also if you were.

  5. The article doesn’t actually say that it’s a “confirmed” case. All this hype over someone MAY have measles? You’d think they were talking about the plague.

  6. How do they know it’s from non vaxers? the the facts are that the vaccines cause breakouts and can be 100% confirmed by checking which strand it is like wild polio is from the vaccine. This is exactly what happened in Ukraine.
    These Doctors are spreading fear for the Big Pharama so they can all make more money. The Meraglim also spread fear and the Erev Rav when they convinced the Jews to make an Eigel Zahav. NOTHING good comes from irrational unscientific fear. Where is Hashem in all this? Why aren’t all you vaccinated with the same CDC vaccines you want other to be vaccinated for. Double Standard here.


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