Official Number: State Chareidi Schools


The official numbers of state chareidi schools was recently publicized for the first time, Chadrei Chareidim reported. The figures were hushed up until now due to fear of a chareidi backlash.

Forty-five such schools and 100 kindergartens have been set up throughout Israel. In Yerushalayim, 1,400 children are studying in 10 chareidi state schools and nine kindergartens, up from only 65 children in 2014, when three groups of chareidi parents asked the government to establish schools where their children could study for matriculation.

{ Israel}


  1. Can someone explain what a state chareidi school is? How is different than a non-state chareidi school? Is this for litvishe or chasideche or sfardi?

  2. State means they have to follow certain rules, but not having gotten details I can’t tell you exactly which ones. It could include accepting students who are problematic in a ruchniyus sense, or following curriculum that aren’t 100% what we want, both of which could lead to a downward cycle: today this curriculum, tomorrow something really not acceptable, that problematic student taking down others with him. I think that’s where the problems lie. However, I have no experience with such schools, so while it sounds great, I can see why they are potentially problematic.


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