Official: Iran May Pull Out Of Nuclear Deal In ‎Coming Weeks


The Iran nuclear deal is in “intensive care” ‎and Tehran is seriously considering withdrawing from ‎it, the country’s deputy ‎foreign minister said on Friday.‎

The Euronews‎ website quoted Abbas Araghchi as saying ‎that while Iran would like to preserve the deal, reached between Tehran and world powers in 2015, ‎it is in need of “serious adjustments.”

The deputy foreign minister told the website that ‎the landmark deal “lost its balance” after ‎U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from it on May 8 and decided to reimpose economic sanctions.

The deal, spearheaded by the United States under the leadership of former President Barack Obama, lifted crippling sanctions from Iran in exchange for curbs on Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

‎“If the Europeans and other remaining participants of ‎the JCPOA are interested in Iran remaining in the ‎deal, they should compensate [for] the absence of ‎the U.S. and the re-imposition of U.S. sanctions,” he ‎said, referring to the pact by the acronym of its ‎official name, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of ‎Action.‎

Iranian officials have repeatedly stated that they ‎would like to salvage the deal, but have been ‎critical of the European signatories—Germany, ‎France and Britain—for the “weak” proposals ‎presented to Iran. ‎

Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic ‎Energy Organization said Tuesday that Europe’s ‎proposals thus far have been “unacceptable,” warning ‎that “if it [negotiations] continues like this, all ‎sides will lose.” JNS.ORG



  1. What the Iranians are REALLY saying is that few more palates of cash, like those sent by Obama, would placate them, for the time being. Once spent, a new pullout threat will be forthcoming.

  2. Another victory for President Trump and a major loss for Obama the traitor! May G-d continue His Heavenly assistance towards America’s Greatest President.

  3. Most Iranians are nice people. It’s the Iranian ayatoilets and other little Iranian leaders who are garbage. The Iranian people should finally free themselves from the garbage leaders.

  4. A total loss for the unthinking president.

    Iran made a multlateral agreement to not pursue atomic enrichment.

    They kept their half of the deal and America didn’t.

    So now watch Iran become a nuclear power while Bibi screams from the UN podium until he is red in the face how they are months away from a bomb.

    • Still bitter that the big dummy Jeb lost? Karl Rove is still bitter? I guess that makes all those that voted for Trump, deplorables?
      I agree with Cory Booker and Kristen Gillibrand that we should send more of the hardworking American taxpayer money to the Iranians. Who needs to use it to improve infrastructure & the like? The Iranians can make better use out of it.

  5. Iran covertly continued to develop nuclear weapons. What Iran is essentially saying is give us more and we’ll pretend to comply while covertly not comply. Otherwise, we openly pursue our wicked agenda. Who wants to negotiate with רשעים like these?


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