Offices Set Up In Yerushalayim To Arrange Visa Extensions For Yeshiva Bochurim


visa-israelDuring a meeting at the Interior Ministry in Yerushalayim, arrangements were reached to set up special representative offices at several locations throughout the city to handle visa extensions for foreign yeshiva students, including those from the USA, the UK and elsewhere.

The decision was reached following efforts by MK Rabbi Uri Maklev, chairman of the Knesset Public Petitions Committee, Interior Minister Eli Yishai and Deputy Education Minister Rabbi Meir Porush, in order to allow yeshiva students to extend their visas without having to wade through lengthy bureaucratic entanglements that disrupt their studies and in some cases result in funding problems for the yeshiva they attend.

{Yair Israel/Deiah veDibur}


  1. My son would like to go to learn in E”Y in the near future. Does he get the visa as soon as he gets there or is there a certain time by which he has to get one? I’m getting various answers from others who have boys learning there. Anyone know?

    Also, as #2 asks, please post info and phone #.

  2. when most come they will get a 3 month TOURIST Visa (while that is valid you can get a Tax refund on gifts and pay no tax when renting a car)

    after 3 month one is supposed to renew it at a cost or get a Student Visa that is good for 1 year and there is not cost (one would pay Tax when renting a car)


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