Ocean County Rise “Apologizes” For Antisemitism, Goes On To Accuse The ‘Jews’ Of Taking Over



  1. i didn’t see any apology ! They only apologized for giving a lengthy response to why their still antisemitic…

  2. Newsflash to “rise up ocean county”
    in democracy the majority makes the decisions. Sometimes the majority represents opinions we don’t like. But whether it is afroamericans, muslims, cristians, or whatever else we may or may not like, we have either to put up with it, or to find a neighbourhood that better suits our tastes.
    If you are sincere, please go push Afroamerican representation in Maine, or Asian in Mississippi.

  3. If anyone is interested in this organizations mission just go to their website and look. Right now they have 9 articles on their blog 8 of them have to do with orthodox jews such as Oorah, Rabbi Eisman, abuse, fraud. and finally on the bottom of the page is a link to footsteps the organization that helps the OTD go further away. I rest my case.

  4. Yes, sir. It’s called democracy! I guess you should join up with your other Nazi sympathizer friends and make a difference as well which I guess what this video is all about…..Only difference, we don’t come after you like you come after “us” – whoever us is. Bigots like you view people like us as one entity as if we sit in a smoke filled back room and plot how to take over the world. We are all individuals and part of a beautiful community which you could only dream of being a part of…..Quite frankly, why don’t you get yourself a job and do something constructive with your life!!!

  5. Regardless of your feelings regarding the issues highlighted it behooves us Jews to remember that if we fail to make kiddush the non Jews will make havdalah r’l. It’s incumbent upon us to act as the am hnivchar. The Gemorah discusses how the non Jews speak of us. We want to have them praising us for our father’s having taught us Torah

  6. The corruption and dishonesty from the Lakewood community leaders is insane and a major chillul Hashem. Caring ONLY about themselves and not the community residents as it continues to grow. Allowing builders to Just building and building at every space they can find. Ruining the quality of life for the entire Lakewood community and making traffic issues on route 9 almost 24-6.

    Please remove yourselves from the Lakewood township committee and be replaced by caring residents who will care for every resident of the town and also stop this chillul Hashem that is making the anti semitism get worse by the day. It will only be a matter of time before Lakewood community residents will need to flee like from france, Belgium and Russia etc…

    If we start to care for ALL residents of the community and replace all township community leaders them maybe the corruption and the anti semitism it is causing will stop

    I.e. with the situation Lakewood is currently in we can’t be surprised at the level of hatred there is from others when the leaders are so corrupt R”L

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