Ocean County Board of Health: Schools Should Exclude Unvaccinated Children



  1. Dear antivaxxers, you underlying problem is that you base your opinion on a “belief”. Not Yidishkeit’s Emunah, but a senseless and fanatical christian type belief. For you, it’s a question whether to believe doctors or quacks, and you just happen to believe quacks. Normal people base their opinions on knowledge as opposed to christian type beliefs. Why don’t you antivaxxers get yourself educated in basic biology, and make your conclusions based on science as opposed to your christian type beliefs.

      • You can’t “believe” science – you can only know it. It is a general life approach whether to base your opinions on christian-type blind “beliefs” or on knowledge. Only the former can become a cult member, be it antivaxxers, “global warming sky is falling” or some hippie “spiritual” cult.

  2. As one of the new anti-vaxxers, I would like to thank Matzav.com for these articles. I especially would like to thank the posters for their eye-opening comments of the dangers of vaccination. I didn’t know. Even without the comments, just the knowledge that there’s an alternative is enough to warrant a good research. Keep these reports coming for the benefit of Klal Yisroel.

      • Nu, so what really happened at the Pentagon building on Sep. 11th? The hole in the building where the alleged plane went in, is at ground level. That’s technically impossible. Why haven’t they released a single video of the most surveillanced building in the country showing the American people what really happened?

  3. It is time to admit: antivaxxers are a cult. They are based on christian type “belief”, and no amount of knowledge can change their brainwashed minds. Perhaps, our contemporary yeshiva system is to blame for enforcing complacency at the expense of “rebellious” critical thinking: producing robots might seem like an easy way out, until the robots are controlled by someone else.

    • Look who’s talking about ‘knowledge’ when not a single intelligent reason has been posted for risking your child with vaccination other than “the doctor said” while dozens of proofs have been given for the contrary.

      And btw, rather a cult and a healthy child than a sheeple with a zombie child.

  4. Please change the title of this article to “COULD” not “SHOULD”. The law is that if a unvaccinated child in a school is exposed to a particular disease they should not be allowed into school until after the exposure period but if a child wasn’t, even if the disease is “going around”, they do not have to be refused school admittance. It’s only because everybody hit the panic button that schools started refusing admittance to un and undervaccinated children (wonder if a kid didn’t get the hep B, were they kicked out of school? how do you think the other kids would contract it? ) so the Dept. of Health said they could. not should.


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