“Occupy Black Friday”: Shoppers Began Camping Out At Best Buy – Last Monday!


best-buySt Petersburg, FL – On Monday, November 14, nearly two weeks before days Black Friday, Christine Orta and nine others from three different families pitched a tent and started “occupying” a Black Friday line at a St. Petersburg Best Buy.

While most of us haven’t the slightest clue where we are going to get the best deals yet, “Team Occupy Best Buy” had it all planned out.

By day five, the guard had changed, and Tito Hernandez, a college student originally from Brazil, took hold of the front of the line status for his Black Friday team.

“There are 10 of us, and we take turns according to our work and school schedules,” he said.

What are each of them doing to pass the time? “Studying,” Hernandez said.

And what is worth camping out on cold concrete in front of a Best Buy store for nine days? Savings on what every college student or most Americans can’t do without: flat screen TVs and laptops.

So, when most people are climbing in bed and reaching for the antacids, Hernandez and his nine electronics-seeking team members will be ready to cash in on their “Occupy the front of line” status with ten TVs and computers.

How big are the savings that these Black Friday Occupiers are after? The nine-day payoff includes a Sharp 42″ Class LCD 1080p HDTV for $199.99 or a Samsung Laptop Intel Pentium Processor with 15.6″ Display and 4GB for only $299.99.

Before you think about doing your own version of “occupy a department store” days before Black Friday, check out Macy’s electronic vending machine first. It eliminates the wait.

These modern marvels have been welcome additions in space-challenged Japan, where they spit out everything from books and newspapers to gold and electronic equipment.

They even have a vending machine in Sweden that sells you a snack with a different twist on a Cracker Jack surprise: a new prepaid cell phone. Sadly for TV deal hunters and the Occupy Best Buy 10, there are no 42″ flat screens in this vending machine.

If you want to stake out this vending machine for Black Friday, it’s at the Macy’s in Westshore Plaza mall.

This large, wondrous machine will save you more than just money. The line-less, time-saving vending machine is a low-cost electronics Black Friday store, minus all the occupy requirements and hype of super stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

The machine offers cameras, tablets, MP3 players and lots of other in demand gadgets that will make any teen, college student or Black Friday crazed shopper swoon.

Good luck with standing in long lines in the middle of the night after your Turkey Day meal! On Black Friday, I will be at Macy’s occupying their electronic vending machine after a great nights sleep.

{CBS Tampa/Matzav.com Newscenter}


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