Objections To Secular Senior Citizens Home in Bnei Brak


Bnei Brak rabbonim signed a protest against the establishment of a secular senior citizens home in the heart of the city.

“A secular senior citizens home will lead thousands of visitors coming in cars every Shabbos.
TVs will work on Shabbos like on weekdays,” the protest stated. “The cafeteria will cater to visitors seven days a week. And who knows what else is in store, chas veshalom.

Bnei Brak spokesman Avrohom Tenenbaum said that the plans were approved years ago and could not be halted.

“First, I would like to make clear that all these plans were approved by earlier mayors many years ago,” he said. “Everything was done to ensure that the place will be a geriatric medical center and a not a regular senior citizens home, so that the situation is much less difficult.”

{Matzav.com Israel News}


  1. ‘Thousands of visitors ‘ !! I work in a Jewis old age home, most do not have visitors let alone 1000’s. Give it up, times are changing.


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