Obese People Can Be Healthy


stomachFries with that just got a little more tempting.

A new study in the journal Diabetologia shed light on the estimated one-third of obese adults who remain metabolically healthy despite being significantly overweight.

Researchers found this under-studied group has fat tissue that generates new cells to store added fat, while fat cells in people who are obsese and unhealthy expands to a breaking point, which then leads to fat stored in organs like the liver and heart.

The new research shows the cell-generating reaction to obesity means there’s a healthy way to carry fat, though there is evidence it’s a temporary stage and will morph into unhealthiness later. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. With all the myriad of studies that show clearly how unhealthy obesity is, and the fact that it is epidemic in America and our community, should give little succor to anyone who is overweight. Furthermore, the article clearly states that there is evidence that this minority of “metabolically normal” overweight people are only experiencing a temporary respite and their condition will eventually lead to morbidity. Our lives are far too sedentary, we eat far too much refined carbohydrates and sugar, and we are far too interested in the physical indulgences of food. Wake up Rabosai–let us attend to our physical and spiritual health by stopping this incessant fressing! Our ancestors never had so much gashmios and were far more physically active!


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