Obama’s Unmitigated Chutzpah


obama3By New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind

Let there be no doubt: The United States of America has always been a great friend to the people of the State of Israel. Sadly, the same might not be said of our President.

Since first taking office six years, President Obama has shown little solidarity with Israel, he’s made scant effort to disguise his personal dislike for Israel’s duly elected Prime Minister, and his administration has often been downright confrontational. In all, this is, by far, the rockiest relationship the Israeli people have been forced to endure with the United States since the inception of the modern State.
There’s no need to look back over six years-recent events say it all. If President Obama shed any tears for Shelly Dadon, a young Israeli woman stabbed to death in May by an Arab because she was Jewish, he did so privately. If our President had any concern for the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped and murdered because they were Jews, he kept those concerns well hidden for weeks. But when a lone Arab teenager was murdered by extremist Israelis (who were almost instantly arrested), that anomaly was regarded as immediately condemn-worthy by the President of the United States.
As countless acts of terror and hate are perpetrated against innocent Israeli citizens, President Obama remains silent. But today, as rockets fall on the cities of Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, on towns big and small, on disparate communities made up of everything from the secular to the most pious-from the most nationalistic to those who have nothing to do with the Israeli government and its policies-now as the rockets fall daily and hourly, our President adds scalding insult to injury.
I wish I could say I was shocked by Philip Gordon’s statement yesterday in Tel Aviv, but, sadly, it appears to be just another reveal in the on-going saga of President Obama’s personal attempt to change national policy towards our only long-term, stalwart, democratic friend in the Middle East. In a twisted foreign policy address, Gordon, a special assistant to President Obama and the White House coordinator for the Middle East, attacked Israel as the provocateur in the current and ongoing episodes of daily terror that are visited upon its citizens. It’s Israel’s fault, he said.
More, Gordon appealed to Israeli leaders to “compromise” and negotiate with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who has “proven to be a reliable partner.”

Reliable? Yes, Abbas reliably aligned himself with Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization that imposed a Taliban-like regime in Gaza that includes killing innocents, arbitrary confiscation of property, muzzling the media, and increased links to Iran and Al-Qaeda, to say nothing of its stated goal to utterly destroy the sovereign State of Israel.

In the days following the recent Hamas-sanctioned terror, the IDF targeted terrorists, not civilians, just as the United States has done and would do given a similar situation. And Hamas did what it always has always done: It targeted civilians. And its criminals hide behind human shields.
And now, as rockets rain on Israel from terrorists-many of whom were freed after incarceration for similar crimes as part of Israel’s peace negotiations with its “reliable partner”-now our President, through his surrogate Gordon, has chosen to be dangerously critical of Israel.
As there are ongoing conflicts throughout other regions of the Middle East-in Syria, in Iraq-our President is practically missing in action. Beyond the fig leaf of our own nation’s interest in foreign affairs, President Obama displays perhaps the greatest Laissez-fair attitude towards foreign policy since the debacle of Jimmy Carter’s tenure. This despite atrocities in Syria, despite the powder keg that is now Iran, despite the beheadings in Iraq by Isis. But Israel-the one nation state in the Middle East that has proven itself a consistent ally both in policy and relations with the U.S. since its U.S.-supported establishment in 1948-Israel, the lone Democracy in the Middle East, is the lone country that comes under President Obama’s harsh criticism.
The chutzpah is beyond comprehension.
Gordon’s speech has only fueled an already dangerous fire. His lecturing Israel on national security must be some kind of bad joke in the face of the regular and sanctioned terrorism that Israel endures, in the midst of a viral Middle Eastern power shift that sees more and more of the region falling under the iron rod of Islamic extremism.
A bad joke indeed. And the punch line?
“America will always have Israel’s back,” said Gordon/Obama.
Gosh, does that scare the daylights out of me.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Mr Hikind – why are you so shocked – OhBama was PLANTED in the White House by his Muslim Brothers. He only supports the Terrorist regimes like AlQaida in Iraq, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas & PLO, etc. etc.

  2. Dov, you’re preaching to the choir.

    My Rav said, a long time ago, that when Obama jumped all over “DEMOCRAT” Congressman Anthony Weiner and forced him to resign (when he had his personal problems), that came right after Anthony spoke at the Agudah dinner, criticizing Obama for his idiotic statement, saying Israel should “go back” to the pre 67 borders! Now we know that in the Democrat playbook, you NEVER criticize a fellow Democrat NO MATTER WHAT! When Weiner was being harassed by the media, Obama being a good Democrat should of circled the wagons for him and do what the playbook says: Its those evil white Republicans who conspired this! But because of Obama’s HATE for Israel and the Jewish people, he threw Weiner under the bus! That was a clear indication of where Obama’s inclinations were. I will never forget that episode! Any Jew who supports Obama, should have his head examined!

  3. You are absolutely right, Mr Hikind!
    But what can we say when our own police, in our own Yerushalayim, arrested a Jewish security guard who was protecting Jewish homes that were being shot at by Arab terrorists?
    It’s time for some major soul searching. At the very least, in a time of war, we need to clearly identify who our enemies are.
    (And our allies too, provided we can find any.)

  4. Am Yisroel Chai…long live the Nation of Israel. with or without president obama. He is just part of the plan…everything is from Shumayim, including his presidency.

  5. The fact is that Israel is totally reliant on a country, USA, which is rapidly changing to a people who don’t really care about Israel.

    The new demographics of the US, sees nothing wrong with Obama when he side swipes Israel.

  6. Thank you to all the liberal Jews who put him back in office. When will non religious Jews realize that this is not the Democratic Party of old? And when will religious Jews realize that it’s not all about programs!

  7. time to get rid of Obama and his cohorts. problem is the jews are the ones who mostly voted for him even though he proved himself worthless in his first term…..

  8. Say what you want. Blame who you want
    Bottom line if we don’t hit back hard we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves

  9. Great article! Couldn’t be more true! This should be posted on every website, twitter, facebook etc..! Let the world see the truth!!
    We should keep in mind though that “Lev Melachim V’Sarim B’Yad Hashem.” But, of course he will pay a heavy price for his actions in the world to come!
    May we be zoche to the Geulah Sheleima really soon!

  10. Well Said: Yasher Koach: Haven’t seen an article like this in a long time:
    BTW how come we haven’t seen an article from the Agudah, about what the Satmar Rebbe “Zalmen Leib” faction said about the parents of the nebech 3 Kids that were murdered?

  11. Mr. Hikind you might be right. However, if this article reaches somewhere close to the White House don’t you think that you put the American Jews in danger?
    Watch what you say.
    This might be considered MISGARA B`IMOS

  12. I agree with # 11! It’s indeed a great article. I would emphasis more, the fact that – as per John Boehner – he even goes against the American constitution in many ways and nobody does anything. Yes – it is an excellent idea to distribute this letter as much as possible under the title: “The Emperor Has No Cloths”. To collect all his deeds and misdeeds and to do something with the information
    A president supposed to be the epitome of living the according to the values and spirit of the nation he leads

  13. Michael Savage has been banned from not-so-Great Britain for his hate speech which is really only diatribe and shtick yet this guy can freely use our soil to promote his sick agenda. Just curious! Does the second amendment extend to foreign guests too?

  14. lets look at what obama says in:


    And as a father myself, I cannot imagine the pain endured by the parents of Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach, who were tragically kidnapped and murdered in June. I am also heartbroken by the senseless abduction and murder of Mohammed Hussein Abu Khdeir, whose life was stolen from him and his family.


    He writes
    Through tough international negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, we are attempting to peacefully address a major threat to global and regional security, including the security of Israel.



  15. It was always the custom of American Jewish publications to refrain from openly criticizing a sitting president. It is especially troubling when a politician does it as a “spokesman” for his Jewish constituents. Dov Hikind should know better.


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