Obama’s Pesach Greeting and Seder Send Message to Americans About Fighting Discrimination


pesach-seder-white-houseOn Monday, Erev Pesach, in his annual holiday greeting, President Barack Obama highlighted the need to battle against all forms of discrimination.

In a statement released by the White House and signed by Obama, the U.S. president wrote that the story of Exodus taught that, “wherever we live, there is oppression to be fought and freedom to be won.”

“In retelling this story from generation to generation, we are reminded of our ongoing responsibility to fight against all forms of suffering and discrimination,” Obama wrote. He added that by doing so “we reaffirm the ties that bind us all.”

He concluded with a mention of tikkun olam (healing the world), saying “these bonds are the source of inextinguishable courage and strength, and provide hope that we can repair this world.”

Later that evening, President Obama held a Pesach seder in the White House. This marked the third year in a row he had done so, and the second time as president.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 20 staffers and friends, attended. The holiday meal included traditional fare enhanced by guests’ family recipes, including gefilte fish, charoses, chicken soup with matzah balls, braised beef brisket, chicken roast, sweet potato and carrot tzimmes, carrot souffle, kugel, and spring asparagus. Desert included flourless chocolate cake, golden apricot cake and brown sugar macaroons.

Two years ago, during the presidential campaign, low-level Obama aides with an “emergency kit” of matzoh, macaroons and such met in a basement room in a hotel in Harrisburg, Pa., for a makeshift seder. After they recited the words, “Next year in Jerusalem,” Obama said, “Next year in the White House.” He kept his word.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I guess discrimination against charedi jews that are not looking to antagonise arabs, just seeking to build in outlying areas that are empty for miles in the outskirts of yerushalyim in order to make it housing more affordable, are discriminated against, it just seems hypocritical, to say the least, but hey who cares as long as you eat your matza balls, and claim to fight against discrimination, well then your safe. But truth be told the chilul Hashem here is twofold, the seder being made into a photoop, and the chilul yom tov of jews involved, is disgracefull, I mean what kind of chairis is shaiyich with being mishubud to being michalel yom tov, I mean the whole chairis was that we eventualy reached har sinai, and recieved the torah not throwing away the torah, that is shibud in reality and chilul Hashem too.


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