Obama’s Charlottesville Tweet Is Most Liked In Twitter History


Former President Barack Obama’s tweet reacting to the attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, is the most liked tweet ever on the social network.

Obama tweeted a quote from Nelson Mandela’s 1994 autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom” Saturday that said, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

The tweet has been liked more than 3 million times, making it the most liked tweet of all time, eclipsing a tweet from Ariana Grande following the attack at her concert in Manchester in May. Read more at CNN.



  1. This has to be one of the dumbest comments coming from this loser president!!!

    He basically proves the point, that no one is born hating blacks or some religions, it is developed later in life when you find a certain group or religion act in away that is repugnant!!!

    Case in point, look at the riots from a certain group of people, look at their neighborhoods it becomes repugnant to normal people. And when their leaders defend them it becomes even more hated.

    If you look at the religion president OBama defended, the beheadings…. burning people alive… a Norma person developed distrust, resentment and then hate. (Yes hate!)

    Thanks To Obama for proving our point

  2. Obama tweet is not his own. No surprise. Very little of his life is his “own” . A man who has lead America to less values less morality more social engineering and marginalization of Hashem from every day reality continues to be the symbol of Pharoah – who is Hashem that I should listen to Him? Nothing if his legacy is more apparent than VA and the hate displayed

  3. Liked by WHOM, is what you need to know. Likely robots, or people who almost do things like robots. If Trump had originated this same quote, you know what these same people’s reaction would be. And Obama gets credit for quoting someone else? Do not let your brains get washed out too.

    • Exactly. Obama is an idol.
      Who claims it’s the most liked?
      How can they prove it?
      Who believes this garbage?
      Who created the biggest racial divide in our history?
      Who hired Eric Holder? Why was he impeached?
      Who hired Loretta Lynch? Why did she meet Bill Clinton?
      Why isn’t there an intelligence test before one is allowed to vote?

    • The left crooked lying media trying to force people to believe it, just like they forced people to believe that Hillary is winning. It’s this fake media destroying the world.

      However, in any event, who cares what America’s Destroyer still says? He’s out. Finish. Good riddance! Don’t even post a picture of him anymore.

  4. Cool guy. Many liberal minorities have hope made smart. 50 years from now and children will know his name. Trump can not wipe that out.

    • Excellent point. If I have a son I will name him Barack. If I have a daughter I will name her Michelle. President Obama is a very holy man that comes onto this earth once every thousand years. He is on the same level as Moses. I hope that Barack Obama can one day be the leader of the entire world. He is my idol, and should be yours as well.

      • Maybe you can avoid the herpes of your cynicism. The idea of congratulating the good of this world is not becoming a schlep of world hate. Maybe your Torah mitzvots missed the idea that Hashem is our King and we must discuss his world.

        Have a beer.

        • No no. You must make Barack king of the world. He is currently the greatest human alive with special above normal qualities and powers. Please don’t be a heretic and believe in someone else.

  5. The tweet is Likely false.
    By the latest the age of 9 months, Infants, have been found to have an attraction to / dislike for others,based upon often on some similarity /difference


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