Obamas Buy $8.1 Million Home Just Miles From White House


Barack and Michelle Obama have opted to buy the $8.1 million home they’ve been renting in Washington, D.C., just a few miles from the White House. They purchased the 8,200-square-foot Tudor-style mansion in Kalorama, a wealthy enclave also home to Ivanka Trump and Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson.

Kevin Lewis, the former president’s spokesman, said, “Given that President and Mrs. Obama will be in Washington for at least another two and a half years, it made sense for them to buy a home rather than continuing to rent property.” Sasha Obama, their youngest daughter, is still in high school. Read more at THE NEW YORK TIMES.



  1. He’s not “President Obama” anymore. He’s former president and should be referred to as such and addressed as Mr. Obama.

  2. And where did the Obama’s get that kind of money to make such a purchase? Why hasn’t the media, who are always so concerned about everything a Republican does, investigate the Obama’s? ??

  3. Rbr
    Who cares what some stupid little girl thinks about her father. If she calls him president I really don’t care.


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