Obama’s Birth Certificate: Why the Numbers Are Off


obama-birth-certificateBy Jerome R. Corsi

Yesterday, Barack Obama blinked, releasing birth records he has hired lawyers to prevent the public from seeing, even at the expense of allowing U.S. Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin to be court-martialed and sent to prison for having dared ask questions the White House until now has resolutely dismissed with ridicule and disdain.

A key problem for Obama is that birth certificates issued to twin girls born one day later at Kapi’olani hospital, the Nordykes, are the Rosetta Stone of deciphering both Obama’s previously released short-form Certification of Live Birth and the newly released purported copy of his long-form birth certificate.

The problem since the short-form certificate was released during the 2008 presidential campaign has always been this:
As WND reported, the long-form birth certificates issued by Kapi’olani to the Nordyke twins have certificate numbers lower than the number given Obama, even though the president purportedly was born at the same hospital a day earlier than the Nordykes.

Note, Susan Nordyke, the first twin, was born at 2:12 p.m. Hawaii time Aug. 5, 1961, and was given certificate No. 151 – 61 – 10637, which was filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.

Gretchen Nordyke, the second twin, was born at 2:17 p.m. Hawaii time Aug. 5, 1961, and was given certificate No. 151 – 61 – 10638, which was also filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.

Yet, according to the Certification of Live Birth displayed by FactCheck.org during the 2008 presidential campaign – and now according to the long-form birth certificate the White House released today – Barack Obama was given a higher certificate number than the Nordykes.

Note, Obama was given certificate No. 151 – 1961 – 10641, even though he was born Aug. 4, 1961, the day before the Nordyke twins, and his birth was registered with the Hawaii Department of Health registrar three days earlier, Aug. 8, 1961.
In 1961, the birth certificate numbers were not assigned by the hospitals.

Instead, the numbers were stamped to the birth record by the Hawaii Department of Health at the main office in Honolulu.

This is the only place birth certificate numbers were assigned.

At the last step of the process, the documents were accepted by the registrar general, with the date of registration inserted in box No. 22 on the lower right hand corner of the long-form birth certificate.

The date the birth document was accepted by the registrar general was the date the birth certificate number was stamped on the birth record.

The birth certificate number was stamped on the form by a rubber stamp that automatically increased by one each time a birth certificate was stamped.

The question, therefore, is how was it possible that the Nordyke twins had their birth certificates accepted by the registrar general in Hawaii three days later than the registrar general accepted Obama’s birth certificate, when the twins’ numbers are lower than Obama’s number?

Eleanor Nordyke has speculated that her twins received an earlier birth certificate number because, although she gave birth later than Ann Dunham, she entered Kapi’olani earlier.

Yet, in 1961, birth certificate numbers were not assigned by the hospital, and the date the mother checked into the medical facility was irrelevant to how birth certificate numbers were assigned.

Moreover, no records for Dunham having been a patient at Kapi’olani in 1961, or of Obama having been born at the hospital on Aug. 4, 1961, have been released by the hospital.

Now that President Obama has personally vouched for the authenticity of the birth certificate the White House released today, he can reasonably be asked to authorize Kapi’olani Medical Center to release any and all medical records the hospital may hold for his mother and Barack Obama Sr., his listed father.

The debate over Obama’s eligibility to be president has truly only just begun, with Obama’s status having changed overnight from a bemused observer to a full-contact participant.

Two weeks before the publication of my book “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” the effort to document Obama’s past has begun in earnest.

Fundamentally, the world changed for Barack Obama this morning, not just in increasing pressure for the release of the many hidden documents about his past, but in the inescapable reality that the White House must defend this newly released birth certificate as authentic.

Before today, Obama may have attempted to explain away problems with the short-form Certification of Live Birth as the work of his supporters.

Before today, the president largely remained above the fray. Now, he has fully engaged in the presentation and defense of his birth records and his status as a “natural born citizen” under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

Obama’s presidency now depends upon the White House being able to support the veracity of all the information contained in the birth document released yesterday morning.

In the final analysis, proof that the document is an authentic Obama birth record will await forensic examination.

Jerome R. Corsi a Harvard Ph.D., has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.”

The above article was submitted by the author for publication on Matzav.com.

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  1. Jerome, it’s over. I get that you have a book to sell (“Where is the Birth Certificate”) but please ???? ??????.

  2. Get over it, people. Who says the Birth Certificates were not delivered on a weekly basis and stamped in the random order of the pile of paperwork?

  3. The same tipshim who believed Obama’s campaign promises also believe that he revealed his “authentic” birth certificate.

    A nechtigen tug!!!

  4. Jerome is a brilliant scholar, Journalist and author. For those that dislike him, history will certainly vindicate his ‘extremist views’

  5. Let’s deal with the real issues like problems in eretz yisroel. Problems with the budget which could affect all. Of us in a big way etc…let’s grow up and deal with the real issues

  6. all the reputable news outlets said it doesnt matter if he releases his birth certificate because the “birthers” will find something wrong with it- they were right and it did not even take one day

  7. I am sure that the vital records dept has more than one person working there and they all have stamps so if they have all the same # line to deal with then they would always have to be checking where all the ppl in the vital records dept where up to so I would guess that they all had their stamps and did not have to be checking where every one else was up to and the person that did obama’s record had a later stamp and back then the stamp system I would guess was not computerized (I am not saying its real I don’t know) but between me you and the lamp post it would really be putting himself on the line for it not to be and I would guess its real and till he put it out I was sure he wasn’t born in the us the only question I have is what took so long

  8. get over he is still our crazy president that is putting our nation more in debt. he is still going to be our president no matter what

  9. Franklin D. Roosevelt was born in Canada. You do not need to be born in the U.S., to be a natural-born citizen and be President. Obama is a natural-born citizen even if he was born in Kenya, since his mother was a citizen from birth.

  10. Go Corsi! Every essay like this makes Obama’s opponents seem more and more stupid, making his re-election more and more certain.

  11. The Obamanuts will believe any left-wing looney statements uttered by this moron president. Then they’ll back it up with the New York Times editorials and watch the Oprah clown show.

    Sick people.

  12. FDR was born in Canada? Haha

    One of the points regarding the birth certificate issue is that he ran on transparency and “change” of the political atmosphere…but he’s instead the most stone walling president we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Check out the SF Chronicle agrees with me.

  13. To # 23 George Orwell,

    “it is really sad that matzav prints this nonsense.”

    Typical left wingnut liberal says: “Don’t print anything that doesn’t fit my left wingnut liberal way of thinking.”

    Hey Gergie Girl, you really showed you colors!!

  14. I am going by memory here, but I think in the US the “Race” of a person of black color was Negro or Black in 1961. In what other birth certificate is any black person registered as “African”? Can anybody say?

  15. While this post is made a year later than the original story, recent developements such as Arizona asking for proof of Obama’s birth have prompted me to take another look. The number sequence of the birth certificate released by the White House and the Nordyke twins is very troubling. Forget who was born first. The key is the “file date.” Obama’s birth certificate #151-1961-10641 was filed 3 days before the Nordyke twins yet his certificate file number is higher than theirs. I have been a funeral director for 30 years and the process of filing which “certifies” the document by the health department or local registrar is universal in scope. There is either a numbered stamp that advances automatically to the next number when pressed onto paper or more recent versions are electronic versions similar to a payroll time clock… numbered w/time & date. That number is assigned to the certificate when filed. Any certificate filed after ( The Nordyke’s birth certificates #10637 & 10638 were filed 3 days after Obama’s #10641) would have a larger or later number. Think of the number system like a checkbook. To keep order of when checks are written, they are numbered. Unless you made a mistake and skipped ahead, a check written today would have a lower check # than 2 checks written 3 days later. The numbered stamp is designed that even if you intended to skip ahead, you must change the number value to allow you the ability. If all papers for the week were presented together and filed at the same time, it would be possible that even though Obama was born first, his birth certificate could be filed later than the Nordykes. We know from the date filed, that that did not happen. This alone makes me question the document that Obama has presented as being a fake.

  16. ” The number sequence of the birth certificate released by the White House and the Nordyke twins is very troubling. …”

    Answer: The explanation is very very very simple—-the numbers were not issued in chronological order.

    Obama was born in HAWAII, as shown by his birth certificate (short form and long form) AND the confirmation of the facts on that birth certificate by the officials of both parties in Hawaii AND the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers AND the teacher who wrote home to her father, named Stanley, after hearing of the birth in Hawaii of a child to a woman named Stanley AND the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 (and ONLY the DOH could send birth notices to that section of the newspapers, and it only did so for births in Hawaii). There is even a note from a INS inspector who checked on Obama’s father’s residence status and wrote: “They have one child, born Honolulu.”


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