Obama’s $400G Wall Street Speech Upsets Liberal Base


Former President Obama’s upcoming speech to Wall Streeters is putting $400,000 in his pocket – and putting longtime supporters in a difficult situation.

Democratic Party leaders and grass roots activists alike are at a loss to explain how the onetime champion of the 99 percent could cash in with a September address at a health care conference run by investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald.

“Spiritual leader of the people’s #Resistance cashes in with $400k speech to Wall Street bankers,” read one tweet.

“Obama’s $400,000 Wall Street speech will cost @TheDemocrats much more than that,” read another. “It reinforces everything progressives hate about Democrats.”

“Even if he donates the money from this Wall Street firm to charity, his speech and remuneration reminds ‘ordinary’ working class people that both major political parties are in bed with Big Business,” said David Michael Smith, of the Houston Socialist Movement. “In my view, our country needs a new kind of political party and social movement to represent the vast majority of the population, not the wealthy few.” Read more at Fox News.



  1. They can’t fargin the guy a big, fat check which is paid by people who can well afford it? That sounds like simple jealousy.

  2. Obama had no party he was for himself alone, what party he can get the most out of and they all fell in line behind him like lemmings.


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