Obamacare Toll So Far: 3.5 Million Americans Lose Insurance


no-health-careThe Obama administration insists nobody will lose coverage as a result of cancellation notices going out to millions of people. At least 3.5 million Americans have been issued cancellations, but the exact number is unclear. Associated Press checks find that data is unavailable in a half the states.

Mainly they are people who buy directly from an insurer, instead of having workplace coverage. Officials say these consumers aren’t getting “canceled” but “transitioned” or “migrated” to better plans because their current coverage doesn’t meet minimum standards. They won’t have to go uninsured, and some could save a lot if they qualify for the law’s tax credits.

Speaking in Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall this past week, Obama said the problem is limited to fewer than 5 percent of Americans “who’ve got cut-rate plans that don’t offer real financial protection in the event of a serious illness or an accident.”

But in a nation of more than 300 million, 5 percent is a big number – about 15 million people. Among them are Ian and Sara Hodge of Lancaster, Pa., in their early 60s and paying $1,041 a month for a policy.

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  1. Obama will continue to feed us all “the big lie”. If Obama says it often enough, he thinks people will start to believe him.

    Whether you like it or nor not, Obama will make sure we are stuck with ObamaCare so that he can push the sole of his boot that much tighter upon our throats with more taxes, more regulation, and more spending.

    If we are stuck with something we hate, will Obama really care? Of course not! He will go on all of the talk shows that like him and he will tell us that we really like it.

    Why? Because Obama knows better than you what is best for you.

  2. I didn’t know that everybody was suppossed to be put on Obama care I thought it was only those who didn’t have a complete enough insurance coverage were supposed to get it. If that is the case, and lets say 70 million qualify, than 3.5 million is 5% of 70 million or a little over 1% of the entire population of 300 million.15 million is 5% of the entire population, or about 20% of those supposed to get “better” insurance- obamacare.

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