Obamacare Spared in Fiscal Deal


obamacare1A government shutdown once touted as the “last, best chance” to fight ObamaCare is set to end with hardly any changes to the law.  

Although the shutdown originated as a GOP plan to force President Obama to defund his signature legislation, Republicans came away without any substantive changes to ObamaCare.

The agreement that Senate leaders announced Wednesday includes only one ObamaCare provision, lawmakers said. It requires more rigorous income verification when people apply for new tax subsidies to help cover the cost of their premiums.

The healthcare law already includes verification requirements, although the Obama administration has delayed one part of the process for certain applicants.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who led the push for a shutdown over ObamaCare, slammed the Senate deal after a caucus meeting Wednesday morning. The agreement “provides no relief to the millions of Americans suffering from ObamaCare,” Cruz said.

Yet he also said he rejected the premise that conservatives came away with nothing after pushing the government into a shutdown over ObamaCare.

Cruz said the “American people rose up” and rejected the healthcare law, and he praised the House for embracing the shutdown.

“That was a remarkable victory, to see the House engage in a profile in courage,” Cruz said.

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  1. After this “shluggerei” in Congress, do you think that 100% of the population in this country will be covered with some sort of health plan? No. 80%? Maybe.

    Time will tell if ObamaCare will crumble under its own weight. We all know how the Federal Government runs things so efficiently (see Social Security, Medicare, etc.).

    You can start saying Kaddish for the private health insurance industry……


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