Obamacare Increases Publicly-Funded Abortions by As Much As 111,500 Annually


babyOn the eve of the opening of Obamacare’s federal health insurance exchanges on October 1, a new study by the Charlotte Lozier Institute estimates that public funds may soon subsidize as many as 111,500 more elective abortions each year.

The Lozier Institute study focuses on two channels for new abortion subsidies under Obamacare:  the multi-state plans (MSPs) the law directs be established in all 50 states, and Medicaid expansion that will occur in the 17 states that use their own public funds to pay for elective abortion.  Those 17 states include New York, California, and other large states where tens of thousands of currently uninsured women of childbearing age will be newly eligible for publicly supported health care.

The MSPs are a whole new dimension of health care.  They were included in Obamacare as a fallback position for advocates of a national, single-payer health care system.  That fact makes their structure of particular concern, as they may provide the long-term model for a federally run system covering all Americans.

The ObamaCare law allows states to pass statutes barring elective abortion from their insurance exchanges.  To date, 23 states have done so.  But the 27 states that have not done so have an estimated 5.54 million girls and women of childbearing age who are now uninsured.  Roughly half of these women will likely use ObamaCare’s generous tax credits to buy coverage on the exchange.

Since approximately 2% of women of childbearing age will have an abortion in a given year, as many as 111,500 abortions could be expected among this group using either tax-subsidized MSPs or expanded Medicaid coverage.  The Obama Administration claims that a segregated abortion funding premium will insulate plan participants from paying for these abortions, but the segregated scheme is little more than an accounting gimmick and many uninsured Americans will sign up for these plans unwittingly.  Whether enrolling in such a plan or not, all taxpayers will see a portion of their income taxes go to finance premiums and Medicaid expansion that subsidize or finance this tax-funded abortion surge.

The full Lozier report is online here.

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