Obamacare Graded ‘F’ On Its First Birthday


obamacare1As the one-year anniversary of Obamacare’s implementation approaches, it is receiving failing grades from both media and medical practitioners.

The website Healthcare.gov opened for business on October 1, 2013, but hardly anyone was able to log on. Then there were privacy issues.

But months later, the administration was claiming 8.1 million new signups – more than it had initially predicted.

Still, the New York Post gave Obamacare an overall “F” one year in, even though it admitted it has yet to become the disaster Republicans warned of.

About 800,000 of those 8.1 million signups either never paid their premiums or dropped their coverage. But the government never asked how many who signed up through online exchanges actually had previously been uninsured and how many were simply changing plans. And 41 million Americans remain uninsured.

Also, 6 million Americans lost their old insurance plans because of Obamacare as their old plans didn’t meet Obamacare guidelines. A study by the National Center for Public Policy Research found that the average Obamacare policy was worse than the one it replaced, the Post reports. Adding to the trouble, many employer-based plans, which had received a temporary reprieve from the rules, may have to be changed starting in 2015.

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  1. Wont matter. The idiots in the Democrat Party just keep on covering for the bumbling buffoon that occupies the WH. Whatever the Kenyan does, they’re happy with.

  2. The New York Post is just a non-tzniut right wing propaganda outlet for Murdoch. Remember its shameful treatment of Menachem Stark z’l? And the National Center for Public Policy Research describes its purpose as “to provide the conservative movement with a versatile and energetic organization capable of responding quickly and decisively to fast-breaking issues”. In other words matzav.com has been snookered by right wing propaganda here.


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