Obama Warns: ‘Don’t Underestimate’ Trump


In his last interview as commander-in-chief, set to air this Sunday evening, President Barack Obama told 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft not to “underestimate” President-elect Donald Trump.

“Look, he’s an unconventional candidate,” Obama said in a clip that aired Friday on CBS This Morning, according to a Daily Beast report. “I don’t think there’s anybody who’s run a campaign like his successfully in modern history.” The outgoing president also described Trump’s campaign as “improvisational,” but told Kroft that he did not believe it would be possible to run such “an improvisational presidency.”


  1. This race baiter is sending out code words to his ilk that they should make life as miserable as possible for the next President. They should try to disrupt the daily operations. Very unbecoming of such a great man like Barack Obama to stoop so low.

  2. And the whole country overestimated Obama. Originally, everyone thought that he will be the golfer-in-chief. Instead, he proved to be a mediocre caddy.

  3. Well, for being the low life, that he is, we should not be so puzzled with his comments, so please on your way out make sure that the door doesn’t hit you

  4. This is his last week and so he is busy trying to destroy israel. Trying to slice up Israeli land do Arabs can easily kill more Jews. This is his idea of peace. Good riddens and all these secular liberal Jews organizing marches against Trump on Shabbos,including the modern orthodox and open orthodox feminist are enemies of israel.


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