Obama Warns Against Divisive Social-Media Usage

Former President Obama, in a much-anticipated BBC interview with the newly engaged Prince Harry, warned about the harmful uses of social media for leaders, in an apparent dig at a certain prolific tweeter in the West Wing. Technology, he said, should be used “in a way that allows a multiplicity of voices, allows a diversity of views, but doesn’t lead to a Balkanization of society and allows ways of finding common ground.”

He added, “One of the dangers of the internet is that people can have entirely different realities,” describing how some people end up only reading media that “reinforces their current biases.” On the internet, “everything is simple,” Obama continued. “When you meet face to face, it turns out it is complicated.” Obama did not mention President Trump by name. Read more at POLITICO.



  1. What a bunch of gudiliguck. Obama is speaking in opposites. He doesn’t want you and me to go on the internet and know the real truth. Not what the fake news biased media is feeding us. If we go on the internet, we find out that Obama accomplished absolutely nothing in his 8 years in office other than setting back race relations 100 years.

  2. This is really minor. The efforts of media concerns are very concerning.

    What a former president should be doing is offering charity. His pen is no longer the wage he must use in social worth. This statement makes me feel he is not strong in charity and likely unsettled.

    A sad factor is to discount Hashem. This Mr. Obama did not achieve his great. Of course, he was not in his best years which are still yet a man to live a full life.

    Cradles must be in Trump’s hands now. It is not an achievement.

      • No. His wife may be contentious but if he offers less charity to make the marriage work he notes G-ds presence.

        I think he has poor bid on economy and not inertia for faith. A nice guy but he is in torpor minded strength. He is not able to control best health and fails humor.

        Maybe we can help him by offering our own charity. He is buckets deep.

  3. It sends shudders up my spine to know that this creep was President for 8 years and this Country was not destroyed by his warped ideology

  4. Obama-nation still has the art of showing hypocrisy, stupidity pointless rhetoric all in a few short words. And to whom did he discuss this sublime message? A leader? An experienced social worker? A scholar? Nah. Only with harry who was raised on tax provided wealth, from parents raised on the same, who has never been in the shoes of the common people , whom will probably never have a real job, who’s biggest concern is how he appears to photographers and saving the whales. It is true that once he caught on that the corruption from his administration and party is surfacing through the internet that he suddenly proclaims not to use the internet.

  5. Obama knows about society. His attorney general did Not target gangs. They did Not target opioid corruption. No, his administration was busy helping society by targeting the state of North Carolina for not allowing a boy in the girls bathroom. Yep, Obama knows what society needs.

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