Obama Under Fire for Chewing Gum During D-Day Ceremonies


obama-gumPresident Obama was caught on camera chewing gum during the D-Day ceremonies in France as Queen Elizabeth II was welcomed, and Twitter feeds worldwide exploded with criticism.

“Obama and his chewing-gum. Classy” one French user tweeted sarcastically.

“Not very elegant, the Obama attitude in the middle of the ceremony,” another user said, while yet another added, “Is there anyone who will ask Barack Obama to stop chewing on his gum like a cowboy?”

The words “shameful” and “vulgar” were thrown around as social media networks lit up with outrage at Mr. Obama’s display.

“Obama do you want a Coke too while chewing gum while the Marseillaise is being played?” one tweet fumed, in reference to the president’s lack of respect for the French National anthem.

Read more: The Washington Times

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The President is an ex-smoker who has struggled with cigarette addiction for years. As an ex-smoker myself, I found gum-chewing to be one of the few things that worked to stifle the craving. Perhaps there are more important issues than this?

  2. Hussain has always shown contempt for the position he holds.
    I’m surprised that wife of his lets him chew gum.


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