Obama: Trump Used ‘Troubling Rhetoric’ to Win


President Obama said Tuesday that President-elect Donald Trump and others in the Republican party won partly because they were able to effectively “moblize people” using rhetoric that was “troubling” and “not necessarily connected to facts.” Speaking from Athens, Greece, Obama said Trump played on Americans’ “anger and fear” of globalization to win the presidency. He added, “That sometimes gets wrapped up in issues of ethnic identity or religious identity or cultural identity. And that can be a volatile mix.”

The president didn’t cite any specific quotes, but made reference to the oft-repeated concept that Trump’s appeals to the anti-trade, anti-immigrant sentiments of working-class whites helped secure his election. The remarks come just days after Trump and Obama met at the White House for what was described as a cordial, “excellent” meeting. On Monday afternoon, during his pre-trip press conference, Obama claimed that Trump told him he’s interested in preserving “strategic relationships” with nations abroad. Read more at CNN.



  1. i am so sick of this idiot. Good bye and good riddens to you Mr. President. Go back to the golf course you are only a fluke in history and thank goodness all the harm you brought on this country will hopefully be reversed….

  2. Kudos to everyone for liberals it doesn’t matter how u play the game rather it’s whether you win that counts but the Republicans have to be 100 percent inscrutability fair it’s like the terrorists they can burn and torture but you have to be nice when retaliating

  3. This is just more of Obama’s supercilious views of those who don’t share his POV and are proud to be Americans and view America as an exceptional country.


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