Obama To Wall Street: You Should Be Scared


obamaA self-described “exasperated” President Barack Obama told Wall Street CEOs on Wednesday that they should not take for granted that the Republican-led House of Representatives will raise the nation’s debt ceiling by Oct. 17.

“I think this time is different,” the president said, when asked by CNBC’s John Harwood whether the financial markets were right to assume that the upcoming conflict would ultimately get resolved in time. “I think they should be concerned.”

Speaking less than two hours before he was set to meet with congressional leadership to discuss both the debt ceiling and a way out of the current impasse over the government shutdown, the president argued that he had already sacrificed a lot during these negotiations, having agreed to fund the government at sequestration levels. And while he said would be willing to consider changes to his health care law — a key demand of House Republicans — he refused to do it during the fight over the shutdown or debt limit.

“I have bent over backwards to work with the Republican Party, and have purposely kept my rhetoric down,” he said.

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  1. Obama better watch it: He might break his arm patting himself on the back so much!

    Now Obama wishes to bring “tsuris” upon Wall Street, too? In the end, the bottom line is that Obama is 100% only about Obama. Period.

    One almost wishes that Wall Street would make Obama’s dream come true and go into a tailspin. But considering the anemic weakness of Obama’s economy, a downturn might exacerbate the current recession we’re in – or jobless recovery if you prefer. That might result in millions of Americans losing their jobs – too big a price to pay for Obama’s irresponsible political gamesmanship.

    And Democrats have the chutzpah call Republicans “terrorists”????

    Oy Vey!


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