Obama to Trump: Stand Up to Russia


Standing alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Thursday, President Obama said he hopes President-elect Donald Trump will “stand up” to Russia when they “are deviating from our values and international norms,” the Daily Beast reports.

Trump has been accused of cozying up to Russian President Vladimir Putin and embracing a more favorable view of the country. Obama said he hopes Trump will also seek out areas of cooperation with Russia “where our values and interests align.” He said he has “sought a constructive relationship with Russia” throughout his presidency, but has also pointed out “significant differences” in how the two countries view the world.



  1. A president that did so poorly and caused so much damage shouldn’t dare giving advice to no one.
    Your time is up Mr worse ever president

  2. Hey you has-been, why not stand up to Iran?
    Yes – and they “deviated from our values and international norms”. Some nerve you giving musar.

  3. perhaps it’s my imagination, but have others noticed that he rarely, if ever, mentions Mr Trump by his name. he’ll either say “the president elect” or he will say “my successor”. perhaps mentioning mr trump by name falls into the same category as mentioning “radical islamic terrorists”. who knows?

  4. Growth of authoritarian rule. It does not fate strong for a community of future leaders. Our values are missing the faith of Interest in Human Constitution. Guns are simple. What will we give the blind.

    Scary times.

  5. Obama’s Doctrine

    Do as I say, not as I do
    I’ve got a “Reset” button for you
    Our British friends we’ve gone and spurned
    When the bust of Chruchill was returned

    To Iran we’re sweet as honey
    Sending them much terror money
    But Israel is a different case
    We must put Bibi in his place

    To Putin we will always yield
    Nixing Europe’s missile shield
    Smack your friend, embrace your foe
    Bye-bye Bam-Bam, now please go


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