Obama to Meet With Jewish Leaders for First Time Since Iran Nuclear Deal


obamaPresident Barack Obama will meet with Jewish leaders for the first time since world powers reached a deal with Iran on its nuclear program.

Leaders from an array of Jewish groups will visit the White House on Tuesday afternoon, according to representatives for some of the groups. The meeting will include groups that support and reject the deal, as well as some that have yet to decide.

Read full story at JTA.



  1. (Sarcasm ahead)Congratulations on the iran agreement! just like the camp david peace accords the baby is a stillborn! Anyone who doesn’t see that is delusional.

  2. Why do any Jewish leaders even want to talk to him? He should be ignored until he leaves office and lets hope he doesn’t do any more catastrophic damage to our country and to the world at large until then…

  3. Whoever talks to him (mind my language) are idiots.

    They should refuse to hear this guy speak. He doesn’t deserve to have a jew in the house that houses obama with the iran deal and a white house which lit up in rainbow colors without asking my permission.


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