Obama: Shutdown ‘Doesn’t Have to Happen’


obama“It does not have to happen,” said President Obama this afternoon. “I’ll repeat this, it does not have to happen.”

The President took to the White House press room to deliver a sober explanation of what, exactly, will happen if the government shuts down at midnight, pointing a finger at House Republicans for refusing to reach a budget deal in an effort to defund the Affordable Care Act.

The part of Obamacare that’s set to go into effect tomorrow, he insisted, will do so no matter what. “You can’t shut it down,” he said, arguing that “keeping the people’s government open is not a concession to me.” Obama said he hopes that “in the 11th hour” Congress will be able to come together to prevent a shutdown.

With a government shutdown looming, President Obama said that the GOP doesn’t reserve the right to shutdown the government. Read more at Washington Post.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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