Obama Recalls Getting Booted From Amusement Park For Smoking


Obama told a crowd in Anaheim while campaigning for local Democratic candidates about a time when he and several friends were booted out of Disneyland theme park after they were caught smoking on a ride.

“So we came down, me and a bunch of friends. After the concert, because we were teenagers you could still sort of hang out in the park, and we got in the gondolas,” Obama told the crowd.

“And I’m ashamed to say this, so close your ears, young people. A few of us were… smoking,” Obama said, while miming the act. After the crowd began cheering, he clarified: “No, no, these were cigarettes, people.”

“They escorted us out of Disneyland,” Obama continued. “I was booted from the Magic Kingdom.”

Disney CEO Bob Iger responded to Obama in a tweet, joking that the former president was welcome back at the park anytime, provided he didn’t light up a cigarette, which park rules state are only allowed in designated areas.

Read more at The Hill.




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