Obama on Palestinians in Israel: “They Have Legitimate Claims, And This is Their Land and Neighborhood As Well”


obama4In his interview with the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman over the weekend, President Barack Obama was asked if he is worried about Israel’s “long term survivability.”

“It is amazing to see what Israel has become over the last several decades,” replied the American president. “…Think about the dream of the early Zionists and to have scratched out of rock this incredibly vibrant, incredibly successful, wealthy and powerful country is a testament to the ingenuity, energy and vision of the Jewish people.”

Obama then pointed to Israel’s military strength.

“And because Israel is so capable militarily, I don’t worry about Israel’s survival. …I think the question really is how does Israel survive. And how can you create a State of Israel that maintains its democratic and civic traditions. How can you preserve a Jewish state that is also reflective of the best values of those who founded Israel. And, in order to do that, it has consistently been my belief that you have to find a way to live side by side in peace with Palestinians. … You have to recognize that they have legitimate claims, and this is their land and neighborhood as well.”

{Gavriel Sitrit-Matzav.com}


  1. jews have no problem living next to anybody as long as they are left alone with no rockets raining pn them this is not the Palestinians land it belongs to Egypt who washed their hands from it as a precondition to peace with israel

  2. not their land. their land is mecca…. nowhere in muslim faith is special status given to Jerusalem…but only mentioned with special status in Judaism…land given by g-d to

  3. So, in other words, he decided to bring it in although it did not come in at all. By the way, I’m not so sure he would rather have Israel’s founding fathers’ policies. But it’s a nice cliche.

  4. Really Mr. President, legitimate claims? Do you as commander in chief actually know the history of the Jews and, or the palestinians, like who are the palestinians? And who gave them that name? Did they ever have a country to begin with.
    And Mr. President, can you ever talk about Israel and give them the credit they deserve, can you ever defend them, WITHOUT….AND I SAY WITHOUT mentioning the Poor Palestinians who, if they were to become a legitimate state, would have nothing to “krechtz” about…so it ain’t happening any time soon……….rather never.

  5. Zeh omayr “Kula sheli” vzeh omayr “Kula sheli” w-yakhaloku. ??? Translation: the only things he’s judgmental about is what best maintains his presidential perks. Purely a blackjack game.

  6. No Mr. President from Kenya.

    Jordan is Palestine. Israel is Israel.

    There is no such nation as Palestine.

    Your stupidity is showing when you begin to believe your own lies.


    (I have to use all labels given by the Jew haters.)

    “arabs do not have any ‘legitimate rights/claims on that land ISRAEL .”
    “they do not have any legitimate rights to the land”

  8. …it has consistently been my belief that you have to find a way to live side by side in peace with Palestinians.
    Really? That’s all there is to it? Wow! Thank you soooooooo much, oh wise and insightful one.
    Now, just one small itty-bitty question: How do we live in peace side by side with those those raison d’être is the complete and utter destruction of our country and the murder of each and every one of us?

  9. Mr. President, You started off well, but then descended into the politically correct form of speech…
    Anyone who has seen what has been going on for the past 65 years knows good and well that the Israelis have tried in every what way to live side by side with their neighbors. How about lecturing the Palestinians on how to find a way to accept and live side by side with Israel!!

  10. They don’t have any legitimate claims that are true and real their only real and true desire is to create murder and mayhem and kill every jewish person in the middle east at the very least, and it’s not surprising that this black monkey can’t see that and see through their shenanigans because he’s as stupid and egotistical as is humanly possible.

  11. they are warring even after they were given gaza
    they were warring even after they were given cement and electricity for constructive purposes and used it for terror tunnels
    they are just a warring people

    you are for womans rights and gay rights?
    they are against any rights
    isreal is a democracy
    isreal allows arabs as MK’s
    they keep gaza judenrein

    they want every jew in the sea
    be careful and support your friends
    they want to have the isis flag over the whitehouse
    support people who are friendly to the usa
    they cheered on 9/11 when the towers went down

    and what about the poor israelis who have to live in bomb shelters

    and how can you ever defened the construction of terror tunnels?

  12. Anyone who bases his foreign policy on popularity poll numbers is totally unfit to serve in any position of authority in the United States of America. Obama, you are a fool and should not lecture Israel. Obama, QUIT!

  13. give it a few years and those arabs will claim that they have ligitimate claims over the soil of america and the president will justify it wow

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