Obama: Men Have a Problem Voting for a Woman President


While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Ohio, President Obama spoke to the double standards women face in competing for jobs like the presidency.

“To the guys out there, I want to be honest. You know there’s a reason why we haven’t had a woman president before and I think sometimes we’re trying to get over the hump,” he said during a speech in Columbus. “I want every man out there who’s voting to kind of look inside yourself and ask yourself. If you’re having problems with this stuff, how much of it is you know that we’re not just used to it?”

Obama will travel throughout the rest of the week on the trail for Clinton. Read more at ABC NEWS.



  1. I guess we have problem voting for her when we watch how u correctly assessed her corruption 8 years ago when u were running against her so u told the truth about her

  2. Either you accept the constitution or you are a bigot. A woman is qualified by law.

    Times have many rights. We notice new eras.

    Lots of hope.

  3. I wonder how our Moralizer-in-Chief felt about a woman president when he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2008?

    If you think that Obama was anything other than an exemplary president who should’ve won the Nobel Prize every year of his presidency, you’re a bigot.
    If you think Hillary is anything but a paragon of virtue, you’re a misogynist.
    And if you’d even consider voting for Trump, well, you’re a basket-case deplorable.

    We are blinded by their radiance and unworthy of their pure and holy countenances.


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