Obama: Men Are Getting on My Nerves


President Obama, speaking in Johannesburg, South Africa, today encouraged more women to get involved politically, and lamented the behavior by people of his own gender, the Daily Beast reports.

“Men have been getting on my nerves lately,” he said. “Every day I read the newspaper, and I just keep thinking—brothers, what’s wrong with you guys? What’s wrong with us? We’re violent; we’re bullying. Just, you know, not handling our business. I think empowering more women on the continent is going to, right away, lead to some better policies.”

Hey, Mr. Prez, brothers are violent and bullies? Speak for yourself.



    • In parshas shelach rashi says if women were sent as the meraglim we would not have had the problems that ensued. This young president might be right and understands the nuance.

  1. “What’s wrong with us? We’re violent; we’re bullying….” This is the legacy you traitor left behind as America’s illegal president.

  2. Barak Hussein Obama, shut up. Just shut up. Nobody wants to ever hear from you again. You did more than enough damage so quit flappin’ yo lips and go away.

  3. The former President hurt my feelings. Now I’m all confused. Am I really a bad person? My therapist is on vacation. What should I do? I desperately need my safe space. In the meantime, I’m going to sit in my gender neutral bathroom. I’m feeling feminine today.


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