Obama: Kaepernick Has ‘Constitutional Right’ Not to Stand


Speaking from the G20 summit, President Obama said he believes 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is “exercising his constitutional right” not to stand during the National Anthem at NFL games.

Kaepernick has drawn both ire and admiration for his display days ago in San Diego. Kaepernick has said he’ll continue to sit or kneel during the song until “significant change” is made in the fight against racial inequality. Read more.




  1. Obama is the first sitting President in our history to openly HATE America! How this ingrate is not thrown out of office, is beyond me.

  2. I think I have a good idea for the Niners’ quarterback slot, #0000 Barak Hussein Obama! Maybe, once he’s out of his job he’ll sit for the anthem too.

  3. A “red herring” is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue. POTUS is using a red herring argument, since the issue here isn’t about “constitutional rights. Kaepernick might have a “constitutional right” not to stand during the National Anthem, however his actions are still perceived an anti-American.

  4. Obama: Kaepernick Has ‘Constitutional Right’ Not to Stand
    Nobody, not even those to the right of Glenn Beck, disputes that right. He can use the U.S. flag as toilet paper, wear socks depicting cops as pigs and wear a shirt declaring his undying admiration for Fidel Castro. He is not a hero for doing so, just an obnoxious, ill-informed young man who probably would be wearing a Che Guevara shirt and saluting Joseph Stalin, if he only knew who they were.

  5. why don’t all American citizens have Constitutional Rights? like Amendment #2, or many other Amendments that were CROSSED OFF by Executive Orders???????????????????????

  6. Both Obama and the player in question fail to realize that with out a civil war that spawned constitutional amendments and civil rights act in this so called “inherently racist” country that elected him president and paid a poorly qualified player an unwarranted salary for his job they would both be inner city residents without an education and a marketable skill anywhere else in this world. Obama truly lacks pride in being an American and resorts to the race card when all else in his agenda has failed.

  7. Obummer, yes, he has that right to be free from govt scrutiny perhaps, but WE THE PEOPLE have the rights to give him hell for doing that.

    Don’t pick and choose the rights you think we have!

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