Obama Jokes He Was Born In Kenya


On the opening day of his foundation’s summit in Chicago, former president Barack Obama added managed to troll the current president without mentioning him by name.

“The reason I’m so excited to see you all here today in part is because this is where I started,” Obama said Tuesday. “This isn’t where I was born. I was born in Kenya (pause for laughs). That’s a joke.”

The former commander (and comedian) in chief is no stranger to poking fun at the “birther” conspiracies that claimed that he wasn’t born in Hawaii but in Kenya (where his father is from) and was therefore ineligible for the Oval Office.

Most famously, Obama roasted the rumors at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner while Donald Trump, then the leading voice in the birther “movement,” sat in the audience. Afterward, some theorized that the punchlines thrown at Trump fueled his eventual run for president.

(c) 2017, The Washington Post · Helena Andrews-Dyer



  1. Sure he can laugh because the jokes on the USA and he successfully
    circumvented the requirement to be US born in order to quality as

  2. How has former President Obama enhanced the lives of his fellow blacks in South Chicago, like Fuller Park? Why did the murder rate rise under the Obama administration? Why has the WHITE Mayor not done anything to stem the tide of violence? Are the black voters of South Chicago that stupid? The people living in Kenya are treated better than the black folks living in Engelwood. Obama should be shunned in Chicago. He is no friend of the lower income black folks.

  3. the truth of Hussein’s birtplace is finally coming out – what a disgrace to the Presidency of the United States of Kenya, I mean America


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