Obama: “I Probably Know About Judaism More Than Any Other President, I’m Vilified Because Of Muslim Name”


obama-chanukah1President Obama met this week with about 20 Conservative Jewish community leaders, thanking them for the work they do to improve communities around the country and discussed their shared commitment to rebuilding the U.S. economy.

During  he meeting, Obama reportedly boasted about his knowledge of Judaism, telling the leaders that he thinks he knows more “about Judaism” than all past presidents. He said he gained this knowledge of Judaism from reading.

“Obama … stressed he probably knows about Judaism more than any other president, because he read about it,” Haaretz reported.

In attendance at the meeting was White House chief of staff Jack Lew, who is a frum Jew.

Obama wondered aloud how come no one asks House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner or Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell about their support for Israel.

President Obama insisted that the perception that he’s not a friend of Israel is the work of Republican bigotry. During the meeting, her told the Conservative reps that when he was running for Senate, some accused him of being the Jewish lobby’s “puppet” because of his many Jewish associates in Chicago. Now, he explained, the Republicans are trying to portray him as not being supportive of Israel by stressing the fact that his father was Muslim and he has a Muslim name, as well as by claiming that he had been overly aggressive in pushing Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to promote the peace process with the Palestinians.

“I am not going to tell you again how I even feel about Israel, but why are we still talking about it?” Obama asked the audience.

The president also suggested that he should not be questioned about his commitment to the Jewish state because “all his friends in Chicago were Jewish – and at the beginning of his political career he was accused of being a puppet of the Israel lobby.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. No it is not republican bigotry that causes people to say obama is not a friend of israel it is his a.nti israel policies. If it barkes like a. It is a. .

  2. haman and achashveirosh also knew alot about judaism but it didn’t stop them from making a decree to anihalate us.

  3. I dare say that those Jews that Obama hung around with in Chitown are no friends of Israel. Their only true love is secularism.

  4. calling jews racist by saying
    “because of his muslim name”
    arrogance, because of his statement:
    “i am not again going to tell you”
    afraid of the truth because he says;
    “he should not be questioned about his commitment to the Jewish state”
    he is proving a negative when he said;
    “all his friends in Chicago were Jewish”
    I guess he doesnt know a Jew is by deeds”
    there are a few more points but this is enough that should JEWS should NOT support this
    ‘muslim by name’ even though he bowed to saudia arabian king but showed his feet to netanyahu.

  5. I always wonder whether he is delusional and really believes all these outrageous statements or stupid and has no clue about the subject so he thinks his miniscule knowledge makes him an expert.

    I’ve come to the conclusion it’s both. How he got elected is simple when you only look at the voter base that he has become expert in lying to which is his black base. How intelligent Jews went with him is something that needs some serious analysis.

    Let’s just hope and be mispallel that we are spared further torture of his presence in the White House.

  6. 2nd US president John Adams also knew jews!!!


    In an 1808 letter criticizing the depiction of Jews by the French Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire, Adams expressed his respect for ancient Jewry. Adams wrote of Voltaire, “How is it possible [that he] should represent the Hebrews in such a contemptible light? They are the most glorious nation that ever inhabited this Earth. The Romans and their Empire were but a Bauble in comparison of the Jews. They have given religion to three quarters of the Globe and have influenced the affairs of Mankind more, and more happily, than any other Nation ancient or modern.”

  7. think about what he said. It does not make sense. For only one of the reasons, he is talking about secular Jews who aren’t necessarily affiliated with Judaism and aren’t worried about it. They are living in their secular mindsets (ok, they have a neshama but they are not “in touch” with it.

  8. I would love to know exactly which books Obama read from which he professes know so much about the Jewish people. I would venture to say that not one was written by an Orthodox Jew. He doesn’t even have a clue! He probably read books by Chaim Potok.

  9. Still wondering who these leaders were and what they discussed… what was the content of the discussion? Beyond all of the name calling, would be nice to know know some of the facts.


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