Obama Helps the Muslim Brotherhood’s War on Egyptian Women


obama1By Mark Whittington

President Barack Obama has hit upon a re-election strategy, according to Reuters, by wooing working women and accusing Republicans of waging a “war on women.” Yet Obama hosted the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House, according to AFP.

This represents a kind of doublethink that would have shocked George Orwell. It seems the Obama administration is capable of accusing Republicans of hating women. While it is doing this, it is treating with a terrorist group that has as its governing platform the imposition of Sharia Law, which would send Egyptian women into lives of degradation and oppression.

The Muslim Brotherhood looks to capture not only the Egyptian Parliament but is now running a candidate for president of that country. This seems to be just fine for the White House. It has released $1.5 billion in foreign aid to the nascent Muslim Brotherhood government whose “war on women” is very real and will have lasting consequences, according to the National Review.

The shamelessness of the Obama position is shameless almost beyond the human capacity to comprehend. While trying to scare American women into believing that the evil Republicans are going to force them into become barefoot and pregnant, the White House proposes to help an Islamist terrorist group do far worse to Egyptian women.

The imposition of Sharia Law in Egypt will make women in that country no better than chattel, discriminated against by both law and religious custom. Under the previous regime, as oppressive as it was in some ways, Egyptian women had some measure of equality. Now they are being subjected to certain tests, for which an Egyptian doctor was recently acquitted in a controversial ruling, according to USA Today.

It seems that the Obama administration’s hypocritical behavior should give an opening to Republican opponents. The Obama administration has not only failed to speak out against the war on women being conducted by the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies, but is actually treating with the terrorists, and is paying them. In effect, President Obama is paying Islamists in Egypt to degrade and oppress women while pointing fingers at Republicans.

Has there ever been an administration so bereft of shame?

{Yahoo News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. although some people will deny this “outlook”, it would be adviseable to email this and put in in every media source possible. People are so manipulated by mainstream media, and there has to be a counter-action to this.

  2. yes, emailing this around is important, people don’t always hear about this type of information because the mainstream media chooses to show what they feel is the way they want things to go. Tell people, it IS important to get it around

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