Obama Gambles On Getting Congress To Green-Light War With Syria


obama-bidenIn a legacy-defining gamble, President Barack Obama announced today that he has decided to launch military strikes against Syria – but wants the Congress to authorize them.

“In a world with many dangers, this menace must be confronted,” Obama declared in the Rose Garden 10 days after Bashar Assad’s forces allegedly massacred 1,400 civilians with chemical weapons.

“After careful deliberation, I have decided that the United States should take military action against Syrian regime targets,” he said, describing himself as “prepared to give that order.”

The president’s hastily arranged remarks sucked the urgency out of what had looked like a imminent military strike. Instead, cruise missile-carrying warships off Syria’s coast will have to wait until the week of Sept. 9. That’s when Congress returns from a month-long vacation to take up a measure, drafted by the White House, giving Obama the green-light.

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  1. This is his way of saying “I give up” only 9% of US citizens want it. I cant afford to drop lower in the polls. Let congress get rids of it for me.

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