Obama: Fox Viewers ‘Living On A Different Planet’ Than NPR Listeners


Former President Obama said in an interview that Fox News viewers and NPR listeners are living on different planets in terms of what news they consume.

“If you watch Fox News, you are living on a different planet than you are if you, you know, listen to NPR,” Obama told David Letterman.



Read more at The Hill.



  1. Exactly. Hussain is %100 percent right. Fox news is living in reality. NPR is living in total lala land where their main “concern” is when will those evil white middle class folks start paying their black neighbors their long overdue reparations.

  2. Yeah, we’re living on Planet Earth! Not on “Not Real Planet” like you and your ilk. Go away already! You causrd enough destructive.

  3. For once he’s saying st smart. I actually began noticing this with people. We don’t have two opinions in society. We have two realities. It’s like people watching only CNN literally think impeachment proceedings have begun. While people watching fox know that there is still minimal if any evidence of any collusion whatsoever.

  4. We are not his constituents so we think he is from another planet. However, the people in the “Blue States” all think he is right.


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