Obama: Everyone Wants To Be Us


obama2The president took American exceptionalism to a whole new level Wednesday by suggesting that not only is the United States the greatest nation on earth, but every other country wants to be us.

“…[W]e’ve still got the best workers in the world. We’ve got the best entrepreneurs in the world. We’ve got the best scientists and researchers in the world, the best colleges, and the best universities in the world,” he said at a campaign rally in Colorado. “We’re still a young nation, and we’ve got the greatest diversity of talent and ingenuity, and people want to come here from every corner of the globe.

“So no matter what the naysayers tell us, no matter how dark the other side tries to make things look, the fact is there is not another country on earth that would not gladly trade places with the United States of America.”

A curious bit of hyperbole when one considers that Muslim countries have a decidedly negative view of America. In a recent Pew survey, disapproval of the United States was above 70 percent in Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan and hit 86 percent in Jordan.

Source: POLITICO 44

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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