Obama: Bibi’s Allegations ‘Don’t Match Up With The Facts’


President Barack Obama is rejecting Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s claim that his administration betrayed Israel by abstaining in the recent vote in the UN Security Council on the anti-Israel Resolution 2334, Arutz Sheva reports.

Speaking with Israeli journalist Ilana Dayan on her program “Uvda,” Obama insisted that Israel had a friend in the White House when he was in office but Netanyahu would not recognize his friendship, and that allegations against his administration “may work well with deflecting attention from the problem of settlements, they may play well with Bibi’s political base, as well as the Republican base here in the United States, but they don’t match up with the facts.”

Asked by Dayan if he has “more surprises up his sleeve” or if Netanyahu can sleep well until January 20 when Donald Trump takes office, Obama replied, “I think the interesting question is whether Netanyahu will sleep better after January 20.” Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Here is a fact: A Jew living in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem is now a criminal, per the U.N. resolution that appeared dead until President Obama orchestrated its revival and passage by the Security Council.

    President Obama fooled some of the people some of the time (e.g. yours truly) with his guise as a friend of Israel, albeit with occasional rough spots in the relationship. Now that he’s a lame duck and the election has passed, he felt free to remove his mask and stab Israel in the back with this resolution that can cause Israel long-term damage.

    I’m not convinced that he’s an anti-Semite, but is Obama an Israel-hater? Absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

  2. My goodness. If he really believes this then he’s really delusional. How he ever ran this country is amazing (or judging by some of the things he did maybe that explains it).

  3. He dwarfs the title בעל גאוה. He’s so full of himself he doesn’t realize what a brutal individual he is. Does he even acknowledge that he sent operatives to Israel to sway the election in the opposition’s favor? Oh, that’s because he loves Bibi and wanted to help him to retire and spend his life relaxing!!!
    He’s not a friend – he’s a fiend!

  4. What about the claims of this president regarding all the good that he has done for this country and for the world? Which of those match with the facts?


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