Obama Asks: Why Are Folks Who Won The Last Election ‘So Mad All The Time?’


A protester interrupted former President Obama’s campaign speech on Friday, prompting him to ask why Republicans are angry all the time.

“Why is it that the folks who won the last election are so mad all the time?” Obama joked, referencing President Trump’s election in 2016.

“I mean, like, when I won the presidency, at least my side felt pretty good. It tells you something interesting, that even the folks in charge are still mad, because they’re getting ginned up to be mad.”


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  1. Really mr Obama?! You felt good because you were given a total pass no matter what you did while the other side is attacked no matter what they do you are about as honest as a lying African I think it’s liberals who are always mad and refuse to concede gracefully like they expect the other side to do when you win

  2. Obama been sure have changed used to be a previous president keep his mouth shut you changed all that. Because you can’t handle being out of the limelight north can you handle the fact that this president has done more good for this country in 2 years than you ever did an eight trumpcan claim to keep his promises while everything you said was a lie Obama care the Iran deal Libya need I say more

  3. Obama is bitter and imagines the entire world is embittered.
    כל הנגעים אדם רואה, חוץ מנגעי עצמו
    The simple interpretation is that a person sees all faults from others but doesn’t see his own.

    כל הנגעים אדם רואה חוץ, מנגעי עצמו
    The Baal Shem Tov’s interpretation is that all the faults a person sees on others, are faults of his own.

    Everything Obama, Hillary, the Democrats and media accused President Trump and the Republicans of, are faults of their own.

  4. Hey Hussein . We’re mad because you continue to show your ugly face together with all your crooked buddies.
    Get out of our face and we’ll be happy

  5. Hey mr obummer from the party who supports “free speech “(translated as whatever lies and slander that cnn passes off as news) I seem to remember you encouraging slash demanding that people shouldn’t listen to fox or rush I guess you only support free speech sometimes

  6. Hussain are you blind or just plain dumb or both? Don’t you see the mobs demonstrating against Trump, Kavanaugh harassing Republican Senators and Congressman that tells you they are happy? you stupid bum.

  7. because you wont concede defeat and you have the media attacking and trying to defeat everything he is trying to accomplish that is why they may be mad if they are mad. once you concede that you and hillary lost and stop the fake news he will stop being mad


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