Obama: ACA Is ‘Not Just a Website’


obama2President Obama took to the Rose Garden today to defend Obamacare – and he said government officials would be in contact with people who could not successfully sign up.

“The Affordable Care Act is not just a website,” the president said as the criticism over the glitchy website since it went live on October 1.

Obama stressed “we are doing everything we can do” to fix the glitchy website, but he insisted he is not going to “sugarcoat” any of the problems.

“No one is madder than me that it’s not working. And that means it’s going to get fixed,” Obama said. Touting the changes that went through with the law, Obama insisted there is a “national demand” for the coverage provided in the law. “It’s time for people to stop rooting for its failure,” the president insisted. Read more at NBC Washington.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. “Nobody is madder than me”

    It’s always been about Obama and it always will be.

    Dictator Obama’s latest lecture to his subjects has once again displayed for all to see his elitist pompousness.

    If Obama says Obamacare is good for us, then it has to be good for us just because he told us so. Right?

    Oy! And this is what voters voted for….twice!

  2. there will be problems with the entire obamacare what a failure, obuummaka will have to go defend all problems on a daily basis , it will be his biggest disaster achieved

  3. Watch his language…“Nobody is madder than me” paints himself as a victim. As if he is calling the ineffective call centers and waiting for the web pages to load and register himself. This is THE one thing he does well, paint himself as a victim. Nobody wants to attack the victim…


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