NYU Hospital Will Accommodate Satmar Bikur Cholim  

After Satmar Bikur Cholim was suddenly barred from patients’ rooms at NYU, leaders of Williamsburg Hatzalah, “Chesed”, “Mekimi”, and representatives of Satmar kehillos met with NYU Hospital top officials.
NYU reassured their full commitment to serve the community and will continue to accommodate Bikur Cholim activities in accordance with the Hospital policies.
“The community greatly appreciates the NYU Langone leadership for their understanding and cooperation,” one askan related.


  1. You didn’t expect the hospital to forgo revenue from the chardei tzibur did you? At the same time, everything has a time and place. We are all greatly indebted to the wonderful chesed organizations. We wish them ach tov vchesed. None the less they mustn’t disturb patient privacy and certainly not interfere with medical staff.

  2. NYU reassured their full commitment to…….accommodate Bikur Cholim activitiesin “accordance with the Hospital policies”.

    Sounds like the hospital changed nothing. More like Satmar will calm down a bit.

  3. I spent time in NYU Langone just after Simchas Torah and received visits from Satmar Bikkur Cholim. Priceless people! Priceless uplift! Among other things, they gave me a printed Asher Yatzar. They told me that saying Asher Yatzar from a text was a segulah for good health and other things. I still say it from a text BL”N and have not needed re-admittance since discharge. G-d bless them!!!

  4. As a frum Chaplain in a NYC hospital lets me explain a few things. All hospitals have a policy of not allowing religious people run around unsupervised in a hospital. Hippa and other government regulations don’t want people harassing in the hospital irrelevant of religion. Bikur chollim has worked fine with my hospital and we will work closely with them and all levels. However, they aren’t equipped to be the chaplain-rabbi, and they need to respect the current management of any hospital.

  5. Agudah’s Chayim Aruchim works with the staff of hospitals and palative care institutions to end the life of your loved ones “with dignity”.

  6. stop letting nyu fool us. They are allowing bikur cholim to bring food to the bikur cholim rooms but not allowing them on patient floors. NYU is afraid Satmar will disagree on NYU’s policy of killing sick patients.


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