NYT: Trump Won’t Get Invite to McCain’s Funeral

Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) closest friends have reportedly notified the White House that President Trump won’t be invited to his funeral. Sources cited by the New York Times on Saturday said Vice President Mike Pence will instead be asked to attend the service at Washington’s National Cathedral.
It wasn’t immediately clear whether McCain himself had requested that Trump not be invited, but the president has repeatedly publicly attacked the state senator after he tanked a GOP Obamacare repeal bill last fall. McCain, 81, has reportedly been receiving a constant stream of visitors at his Arizona ranch, where he is recovering from the side effects of treatment for a terminal form of brain cancer. While the former U.S. Navy fighter pilot has not yet called it quits in the face of his grim diagnosis, he is said to have grown reflective and nostalgic as he shares stories with old friends.  READ more at NEW YORK TIMES.


    • It’s pretty bad, yes. But there have been far worse incidents, such as when President-elect Andrew Jackson’s wife was hounded to death (literally) by his political opponents and when Senator Joe McCarthy ruined the lives of innocent people by smearing them for his own political advancement.

  1. At the time of his funeral, President Trump should prepare a HUGE KIDDUSH in the shul where his son-in-law Kushner will make the blessing Baruch sheptarani me’ha’ish hazeh.

    Pence should send his dog (if he has one or get from someone else) to attend this evil anti-Trump’s funeral.

  2. McCain should take his RINO friends and his entire Deep State crooks and the wicked George Tzoros along with him and President Trump will finally have peace.

    Why should Pence be bothered to go the funeral of an enemy of the people?

  3. No need for Trump, Mr McCain. The 161 sailors who were seriously injured because of you on the USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier on July 31, 1967 where you killed 134 American sailors will be glad to tell you good riddance.

    • Agreed, 100%
      It’s a shame that so many Trump fanboys don’t have the decency or intelligence to disagree with his politics while acknowledging his personal heroism fifty years ago and his bravery now as he fights his last battle.

      • Personal heroism as the 134 sailors who died on the USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier on July 31, 1967, and seriously injured another 161 sailors who lost their legs, arms or eyes, because of McCain. Very heroic. McCain is a disgrace to the US govt.

  4. Why would Trump – or any decent American – attend the funeral of his enemy and enemy of the American people, the traitor who was hired and paid to bring the fabricated dossier to the FBI to malign Trump and constantly finding ways to impeach him.

    • Yup, it’s never to early to prepare. He’s obviously a very mesuderdika mensch.
      Lemaaseh, there is a mussar haskel to learn from this. We have to prepare to meet the melech malchei hamlochim. If we don’t do teshuva now, then when?

    • With his brain dead a long time ago he feels more dead than alive. He lost his will to live when he lost the Presidential election against Obama in 2008 but couldn’t explode as it would make him a racist. Now after 8 years keeping it all in he’s shooting off his entire anger at Trump.

  5. Most people would agree the Senator was out of touch on some issues
    (and if anything he was stabbed in the back by his good friend Joe Leiberman)
    yet 80% or so of americans consider him a genuine hero and a patriot

    It goes to show how out of the consensus some of the commentors here are -though on occasion it is for the good

    • Baloney! Don’t know where you picked up your “statistics”. Probably made up because more than 80% of Americans think of him as a crook and an evil man.

  6. Just to reiterate what exactly made him a hero I feel sorry for him that he was captured but what does that have to do with being a hero

    • I don’t know. They claim John Kerry was also a war hero. Not sure what to make of all those claims. What makes someone a war hero? What do they have to do?

  7. 80 percent believe he is a hero so what 80 percent also believe in global warming or that they are entitled to whatever they want at someone else’s expense so who cares what people think

  8. Did he chose the FLOWERS already? What about the band? Will he get the Takuna package?
    This manimal is full of Gavveh and Sinah!
    Trump has his Mishegasen, BUT so far he has done more for the good of the country than all previous presidents in our lifetime, including Reagon!!!
    The Tax cuts, deregulation, strong foreign policy, Pro Israel, fight trouble immigration policies… fighting terrorist…. Rubashkin is BH free!
    The proof is in the pudding!

  9. Anyone who hates Trump is also a Jew hater. What you guys don’t realize that Mcaine is not such a friend of Jews. During his campaign my friend who volunteered for him told me that Mcaine did not want some jewish guys holding an israeli flag behind him as he addressed a press conference. Let’s hope all of Trumps enemies get lost.

  10. We can thank Mcain for Obama’s victory as well as the non repeal of ObamaCare which has costed the country and people in our community a ton of money. Although of course HaShem chooses who wins and who loses an election, he also picks a “chayav” to do the harm. Mcain likes himself more than the country, he did damage the whole country, just to get some kovod. Without getting captured he’d be a bigger nobody, but HaShem in his mercy made him get captured, so at least he could get a job in life…”v’rachamuv al kol ma’asuv”

  11. Kidding aside, when McCain goes ,would he please take the roshoh Carter with him?
    It puzzles me that Carter is doing well with the same disease that McCain has. Well, we shall see who goes first.

  12. So many dittoheads here

    The fellow devoted himself to his country.he was hardly some fifth columnist on some leftist fellow traveler.Even after he lost ,he went back and continued doing the his best he can.
    Even the rest of the world respects him


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