NYT: Trump Plans More Aggressive Military Action Against ISIS


President Trump is reportedly preparing a directive calling for U.S. forces to be more aggressive in fighting the Islamic State in Syria, a move which may pave the way for U.S. artillery on the ground and attack helicopters.

The New York Times on Thursday cited White House officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, as saying Trump will give the Pentagon 30 days to map out new options for harder tactics in Syria. Trump has repeatedly declared a desire to build up and expand the military, and he repeatedly boasted about a secret plan to defeat ISIS during the presidential campaign. Defense Secretary James Mattis will reportedly be in charge of overseeing that new plan, which will focus on driving the terrorist group out of Raqqa and Mosul. Trump is expected to be present for Mattis’ swearing-in ceremony at the Pentagon on Friday, where he will also sign the new directive on ISIS, according to NYT. Read more at the NEW YORK TIMES.



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