NYS Yeshivas Could Lose State Funding for Poor Education


Yeshivas accused of providing inferior secular education were put on notice Tuesday that they could be shut by the state, the NY POST reports.

Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia released new guidelines that give her the power to strip funding from yeshivas and other private institutions that fail to provide a “substantially equivalent” education to public schools.

Parents will be notified to send their kids elsewhere — or be deemed “truant” — if they continue to attend noncompliant schools, the guidelines say.

Under the new state guidelines, the city Department of Education would continue to review the religious schools, which would have up to three years to clean up their act. Elia said the religious schools would have to provide 180 minutes of instruction per subject per week with “competent” teachers. In grades 5 through 8, for example, yeshivas would have to provide at least one class per semester of instruction in English, math and science as well as courses in career and tech education.

Read more at the NY POST.



  1. I’d put up any kid from one of our mainstream yeshivos ,with their 2 hours of secular studies, against 90% of nyc public school kids. this is a witchhunt brought on by self hating jews

  2. in practical terms; its not that big a deal ( although the idea of gov mixing in to religious practice is a real issue with a very slippery slope)
    first most yeshivas are pretty much in compliance , the state doesnt really want to meddle but they are stuck
    most parents are ok with a bit better limudei chol although hate the messenger
    no one is losing funding believe me


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