NYPD Officers Beat Elderly Man Bloody for Jaywalking in Manhattan


kang-wong-blood-jaywalkingPolice in New York City left an 84-year-old man a bloody mess on Sunday after he was caught jaywalking through an Upper West Side intersection near where a pedestrian had been killed hours earlier.

Kang Wong, who lives nearby, had been strolling north on Broadway, crossing 96th Street in the eastern crosswalk, when an officer told him to stop – for allegedly crossing against the light, just before 5 p.m. The man didn’t seem to understand English-language commands.

The cop walked him over to the Citibank near the northeast corner of 96th and Broadway. The officer stood him up against the wall and was trying to write him a ticket. The man didn’t seem to understand and he started walking away. That’s when the officer and several colleagues converged on the senior citizen, who was left badly beaten and bloodied.

The man’s blood was spilled all over the pavement, before he was handcuffed and hauled away. He was taken to a local hospital.

The exceedingly violent arrest came 12 hours after an ambulance struck an Upper West Side woman in front of her own building, sending her into the path of another vehicle and killing her on the spot, authorities said. It was the third fatal accident within two blocks of 96th Street and Broadway in a little more than a week.

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  1. A helpless elder citizen of an ethnicity which will not riot.

    My best wishes of a quick recovery and of a very successful lawsuit.

  2. This is so sick. The officer should be arrested and relieved forever of his duties.NOTHING justifies beating anyone for jay walking-especially a senior citizen. NY cops are thugs!!

  3. And people are all worked up over “Bridge gate”???
    Hey DeBlasio, you promised you would end police BRUTALITY! I see you are just as bad as Bloomberg! You couldn’t care less about how the average citizen is being treated by the animals who get paid by the Police Dept!

    I see nothing was learnt since NY “Finest” gunned down Gideone Bush – execution style, in cold blood, in the heart of Boro Park!!!

  4. What a shame. They dont arrest muggers but they arrest an 84 year old man for jaywalking.
    The bright side of this is that he will probably get enough money from the lawsuit to last him for the rest of his life.

  5. Sue the pants off the NYPD. The only language they understand are court orders and heavy penalties for their crazy crimes. Prosecute to the hilt and imprison the offenders, then civil suits will take all their money and finish them off. That’ll teach them not to hit a single person ever again, no matter how much their piddling little pride is injured when an elderly person walks away from them.

  6. After the TLC fiasco on 13th ave. and 39th st yesterday where the TLC thugs tried stealing cars of innocent people. I think The new mayor has to let the cops Know stop and frisk must stop for all communities. At least in this case it was the sergeant of the 66 pct. who stopped the TLC from pounding any cars.

  7. This is the new Obama/DeBlasio/left wing order! Government knows best! You, the taxpaying citizen, are too stupid to take care of yourself so we are going to enforce it, no matter what it takes!

  8. I’m sure there’s more to the story before we all bash the NYPD .If he lived in NY and a cop stops him he should at least understand that he cant just walk away.away. Doesn’t justifie if they beat him just for that.

  9. It’s amazing to see the thoughtless comments posted on this website before even hearing the rest of the story. These officers put their life on the line on a day-to-day basis to protect every single one of you. Think before you write morons…

  10. About time they made Yiddish and Cantonese requirements for police service (maybe for the mayor, too). I know of no mayor who was in fluent in both, that was not a universally esteemed excellent mayor.

  11. Yes, the officers put their life on the line on a day-to-day basis to protect every single one of us. That gives them the right to beat up the occasional 84-year-old man.

    Actually, the man did more than jaywalk. He apparently pushed an officer, which policemen don’t take kindly to (don’t try that at home).

    Still, come on, the guy was 84. A bunch of cops should have been able to subdue him without beating him. If they can’t, they should leave the force.

  12. #9 perhaps when they beat your grandfather to a pulp for crossing the street, (or your 7 year old) we’ll be patient and wait “to hear the rest of the story”

  13. Hashkofa,
    Just imagine if this was your elderly parent. Would you still make your comment?
    Number 9,
    This was an 84 year old man. You can’t say that he should know better….it is very likely that doesn’t hear we’ll or is senial etc.

  14. I think this 84 year is not right of doing that but beating him I think this 84 man should prece chagis on this ofiser this cope guy should be fierd and put into persin and you diblseo you are no help at all you now you shuldint be the mayer of us at all you are not respasibl


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