NYPD Officer Shot, Suspect Killed


nypd-cop-shotA police officer was shot in Upper Manhattan this afternoon during a confrontation with an armed suspect.

The officer was shot in the arm and is listed in serious but stable condition. The suspect, 52-year-old Michael McBride, was shot dead in the subway station at West 145th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue in Hamilton Heights, D’Auria reported.

Because of the police investigation, the A, B, C and D trains are bypassing 145th Street station in both directions.

The officer was trying to apprehend the McBride, who was wanted for a shooting yesterday in the Rockaways. That victim is in critical condition.

The officer was taken to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Mayor Michael Bloomberg will hold a news conference from the hospital at 6 p.m.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Now the cop will be called a “hero”. Rediculious! Everytime time something happens to one of them they get instant status of hero? That’s their job & they get paid with tax dollars to do it. They chose that profession. Nobody forced them into it.

  2. Although, they are chosing this job..they don’t intend to get shot at even though they know the risk is there in doing so. We all take jobs and have parts that we don’t like and wish wasn’t a part of it. But, someone whom is risking their life, whether their job or not for the benefit and welfare of others, society at large should have an honorable mention.


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