NYPD Officer Shoots Hammer Wielding Suspect



Police on Tuesday shot and killed the hammer-wielding maniac who has been randomly attacking Manhattan pedestrians, law enforcement sources said.

The NY Post reports that the suspect, identified as 30-year-old David Baril, was shot by an NYPD officer near the corner of 37th Street and Eighth Avenue a little before 10 a.m., sources said.

A short time later, the man pulled out his hammer and took a swing at officer Lauren O’Rouke with the claw end of the tool, sources said.

He missed, as O’Rouke’s partner Geraldo Casaigne pulled his weapon, fired and struck the suspect. He was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where he was procounced dead, law enforcement sources said.



  1. This is a clear case of a mentally ill person needlessly killed by police. Remember Gid’on Busch? There it was eight officers against a mentally ill man with a hammer, but here it’s needless too. A properly trained officer would have known how to disarm Baril without shooting him.

    Two officers versus one mentally ill person with a hammer? Doesn’t sound so life-threatening to me. These officers are just incompetent. And remember – next time it could be your brother or son. Mental illness can strike anyone, and many police officers are just not trained or willing to deal with it without lethal force.

  2. To Oldtimer:

    “Police on Tuesday shot and killed the hammer-wielding maniac who has been randomly attacking Manhattan pedestrians”

    How can you possibly compare Gideon Bush to this piece of garbage??? Gideon NEVER attacked anyone. He was a gentle soul. It was the police who pepper sprayed him which caused him to get agitated. Then they used that as an excuse to gun him down in cold blood execution style! The police came into Gideon’s apartment. This piece of garbage WAS attacking innocent people! You aught to be ashamed of yourself!!!

  3. This country is becoming very dangerous not because of criminals but because there are people that are supposed to help society with the authority given to them they use the authority to cause unnecessary harm.

  4. For those that deny human beings the Tzelem elokim in all cases I bet that when it comes to some animal from the Zoo they will be going out of their way to keep it alive with darts to control him. He was a mentally sick person unaware of his doings, Jews should be compassionate and protect human life in all cases!

    Additionally we must remember that the way we feel about this……will be the same feeling if a Jew (chas v sholom) was the sick person killed?

    I’m sure you will all protest it as unnecessary killing and police brutality. It so dangerous to be black in this country!! I feel for them!

  5. Cruelty (achzoriut), is defined as having mercy on those who don’t deserve it while denigrating those who do.

    Oldtimer and “Rabbi” Avraham Goldstein are always the first in line to defend criminals and criticize the law abiding and law enforcers. What they spout is more akin to a sick version of turn-the-other-cheek Christianity than anything resembling Judaism.

    It doesn’t matter if this criminal was mentally ill, he attacked people with a lethal weapon and threatened the police, who protect us. Thank G-d he’s been dealt with lawfully and appropriately!

  6. One further point I’d like to make. Yes, our police seem to have an inability to deal with black people without shooting them, whether from prejudice, bad training, or knowing there are no consequences to pay. I’m also trying to say:

    The police in this country have no safe way of dealing with the mentally ill – black, white or green. We now hear when the police needlessly kill a mentally ill black person. What we aren’t hearing about are the incidents where police shoot mentally ill people of other races because they don’t know how to or are unwilling to control them with proven, safe methods. “I was afraid for my life,” is not an adequate excuse. If you are that afraid for your life you shouldn’t be going into a risky profession like law enforcement. Become an accountant or something, but don’t go out on the street with a gun. We need better selection and training of our police, especially where the use of deadly force is involved.

  7. Oldtimer,

    You’re wrong. The police have a duty to protect themselves as well as others from imminent threat. It doesn’t matter if that threat is from a criminal or a mentally-ill person.

    You have no right as a casual observer to second guess them; that’s the job of the Review Board and Internal Affairs. When deadly force is warranted it must be used. That’s why they are always exonerated in such cases, as they will be in this incident.


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